FDH Finger Slide

8-15-11 Catalog #FDH-10 Compact Finger Slides “FDH” Series Repairable, built-in air cylinder 4mm keyhole sensor mounting slots (2 each side) Rear tapped mtg. holes (4) Extend Port Tapped mounting holes (4 for strokes 5 thru 30 mm.) (6 for strokes 40 thru 60 mm) Tapped mounting holes (4) Cylinder block - Clear anodized aluminum Carriage bearing Retract Port 1 each side Tapped thru mounting hole (3 places) C’bored for SHCS - both sides Retract Port Extend Port 1 each side Stainless steel rod coupler nuts (2) Top Toolplate and Front Toolbar Clear anodized aluminum Available in 3 Bores 10, 16 & 20 mm Standard Strokes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 mm Magnetic piston is standard feature for position sensing Check list of Competitive Advantages of “FDH” Series Finger Slides ✔ Longer strokes for all models. ✔ New round profile sensors feature surge suppression, polarity protection, LED indicator, and extremely fast switching speeds. ✔ Rubber bumpers provide cushioned stop. Check list of Standard Features ✔ Four 4mm keyhole sensor mounting slots, two on each side. ✔ Clear anodized toolbar and toolplate. ✔ Stainless steel coupler nuts. Versatile load attachment ✔ Tapped holes on top toolplate: 4 on strokes 5 thru 30mm. 6 on strokes 40 thru 60 mm. ✔ Tapped holes on front toolbar (4). Easy, convenient slide mounting ✔ Side thru holes with C’bores in body. ✔ Side tapped mounting holes. ✔ Bottom tapped mounting holes. ✔ Rear tapped mounting holes. ✔ Toolbars are slightly narrower than body, allowing side mounting with clearance between toolbar and mounting surface. ✔ Ports accessed on either side and rear. Now get directly interchangeable, universal mount, compact pneumatic slides! Specifications and prices subject to change without notice or incurring obligation Fabco-Air, Inc. ■ 3716 N.E. 49th Avenue ■ Gainesville, FL 32609-1699 ■ Telephone (352) 373-3578 ■ Fax (352) 375-8024 ■ E-Mail service@fabco-air.com ■ Web Site http://www.fabco-air.com Prices effective September 1, 2011