FKHZ Gripper

FKHZ Series Catalog #FKHZ-10 1. Magnetic piston is standard feature. 2. Adding optional sensors enables "open" and "close" position sensing. 3. Compact design make grippers ideal for handling small parts in confined areas. 4. Gripper body is hardcoated aluminum ensuring abrasion and corrosion resistance. 5. No extra lubrication required. 8-17-11 Specifications and prices subject to change without notice or incurring obligation. Wide Opening Parallel Grippers 100 psi max. Sensors fit into mating slots in the gripper housing. The low profile and in-line wire outlet provides minimal intrusion for close mounting of adjacent components. See specifications and prices in the sensor selection guides on page 3. Please order sensors and female cordsets separately. Model FKHZ Action Double acting Bore (mm) ø10 ø16 ø20 ø25 Media Compressed air Min.operating 30 psi pressure Max.operating 0.7 MPa (7 kgf/cm2) 100 psi pressure Ambient & media –10°C(14°F) ~ +60°C(140°F) temperature Use filtered dry air Lubrication None required or use ISO VG32 Port size M3x0.5 M5x0.8 Opening Parallel - See dimensions pages 2 & 3 Close - stroke (mm) 4 6 10 14 External grip force (lbf) * 2.4 7.6 9.4 14.6 Internal grip force (lbf)* 3.8 10.1 14.8 23.3 Weight g (ounce) 55(1.9) 115(4.1) 235(8.3) 430(15.2) *Note: Grip force at 72 psi, at center of stroke and gripping point 20mm from gripper face. Prices effective September 1, 2011 See sensor specifications, selection guide and pricing on page 3. Please order sensors and female cordsets separately. Model Price FKHZ-10D $ 129.25 FKHZ-16D 117.15 FKHZ-20D 171.00 FKHZ-25D 188.50 Wide opening, parallel jaw type FKHZ 16 D ø10 ø16 ø20 ø25 D Double Acting – Series Bore Action Sensors Features Specifications How to Order Prices