FKHL Gripper

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FKHL Series Wide Parallel Grippers

Series FKHL Grippers have compact design and are ideal for various-sized work pieces. A dual piston mechanism synchronized by a rack & pinion delivers high grip force with great precision.


  • Magnetic piston is standard
  • Sensor slots integrated in body
  • Oil impregnated sleeve bearings encased in steel are used for all shafts
  • Rod scraper for dust protection is built in


These two parallel grippers are identical except for the range of motion and starting point of the jaws.

The FKHZ (right) provides a wider grip, while the FKHQ (below) has a narrower one.


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  • Magnetic piston is standard
  • Sensor slots integrated in body
  • Compact design ideal for handling small parts in confined areas.
  • Hard coated aluminum provides abrasion and corrosion resistance.


The SPG Series Parallel Grippers feature a unique design configuration. The jaws and the pistons are an integral assembly. These grippers have just three moving parts allowing for a compact, lightweight package.


  • Only 3 Moving Parts 
  • Selection From Four Sizes 
  • Permanently Lubricated 
  • Exceptional Accuracy
  • Fully Repairable

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LPG Parallel Gripper

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Specials to your Specifications

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LPG Series Parallel Motion Grippers

  • Maneuver large, awkward parts
  • Parts up to 44" wide
  • Parts over 300 pounds!

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