Controlling Linear Forces for Rivet, Hole Punching and Broaching Applications

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Riveting, hole punching and broaching require tools that pack a punch. At lower production volumes, these processes can work on an arbor press. These small, hand-operated presses leverage tons of force through the use of a lever or wheel, achieving small precision jobs by hand. While manual force can work when the job is small, problems arise with larger jobs due to issues with production time.

One of the best alternatives to manual labor is the use of pneumatics, but even that can come with its own issues. The amount of compressed air needed to create the appropriate amounts of force can be cost prohibitive, but that issue is easily fixed with a force-multiplying cylinder. The Fabco-Air Multi-Power® Air Cylinder uses multiple pistons within the same compact cylinder housing to achieve up to two, three or four times the amount of force when compared to a single piston cylinder.

To learn more about how the Multi-Power® Air Cylinder works, how to calculate force requirements and how the calculation can be applied to other devices, download our white paper here.

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