Bulletin 14CAN

FABCO-AIR , Inc. • 3716 N.E. 49th Avenue • Gainesville, FL 32609 • Tel (352) 373-3578 • Fax (352) 375-8024 • E-Mail: fabco@fabco-air.com • Web Site: www.fabco-air.com 8-2-05 Fabco-Air Product Catalog Library New Linear Thrusters Bulletin GB-JA02 Features longer strokes to 10" – and 4mm round profile sensors with surge suppression and polarity protection. Multi-Power ® Air Presses Catalog FP16 Details the powerful line of precision, force- multiplying air presses. Deliver forces to 11,000 pounds. Stainless Steel Body Air Cylinders Catalog SSB-03 Exact interchange in bores from 5/16" to 3", strokes to 32". Popular options includes magnetic piston, non-rotating, and position feedback. Pancake ® II Cylinders Catalog Pan2-2 The direct industrial interchange. High strength composite cylinder barrel. 4 popular styles: Standard, Nonrotating, Multi-Power ® and 3-position. NFPA Interchangeable Air Cylinders Catalog NF-6 All the desirable NFPA mounts. Bores from 1-1/2" to 6"; strokes to 99". Aluminum or high strength composite cylinder body. Magnetic position sensing. Pneumatic Grippers Catalog GR-8 • SPG & LPG parallel jaw motion with strokes from 1/4" to 24" & forces to 402 lbs. • GR & GS angular jaw styles with on-the-fly adjustment. Stopper Cylinders Bulletin #ST-DIX04 Standard magnetic piston and a wide selection of styles. Roller direction is adjustable. Magnetic sensors can be mounted on body. Dual Funcion Slides Bulletin EDF-10 Either of two slide styles (gantry or thruster) can be made from a single set of parts. Users can inventory less parts and assemble styles as needed. Global Series™ Air Cylinders Cat. GC-15 Widest choice of models and options. Features non- lube service to 150 psi. Bores 12mm to 100mm • Strokes 5mm - 150mm • NPT or Metric ports Swing Clamps Bulletin #SC-DB04 Clamp arm rotates 90 ° as it extends away from the workpiece. Features standard magnetic piston. See catalog #CV9 for other valve models not shown in this bulletin Cylinders, Valves & Accessories Cat. CV9 Describes Pancake ® , Square 1 ® , Longstroke™, Multi-Power ® , and HiPower™, cylinder lines. Also details valves, air- over-oil tanks, boosters and accessories. Linear Slides Catalog LS-03 Line includes 6 families of slides, pick & place units, and thin parts placers. 5/16" to 4" bores. Guide shafts 1/4" to 1-1/2".