Bulletin 14CAN

Directional Control Valves 4 Specifications and prices subject to change without notice or incurring obligation Dimensional Data Features Series 3853 The Series 3853 is a composite body solenoid valve offered in both 2-way and 3-way normally open or closed functions and seven orifice sizes. Component features include the proven solenoid op- erator available in brass/stainless or all stainless pilot design, op- tional seal materials and nylon encapsulated coil. The "basket" ori- ORIFICE SIZE / VOLTAGE F U N C T I O N MAX. PRESSURE RANGE • Composite material • Easily replaceable orifice • Chemical compatibility • Vacuum holding & flow applications • FDA approved versions • Pressure to 270 psi • 7 orifice sizes • DIN spades or flying leads Composite Solenoid Valve, 2 & 3-Way Normally Closed or Normally Open mm6.0 mm0.1 mm2.1 mm5.1 mm0.2 mm4.2 mm0.3 CA CD CA CD CA CD CA CD CA CD CA CD CA CD CN2/2 072 072 052 052 052 052 052 052 052 052 002 002 57 06 ON2/2 A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N 052 052 A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N CN2/3 052 052 002 002 081 081 061 051 A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N ON2/3 A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N 071 051 A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N A/N fice design feature allows the possibility of changing the orifice di- ameter to meet flow requirements. The DuPont Zytel FE 5105, FDA approved composite material is media compatible eliminating the need for stocking multiple body materials. 3-14-03