CV9 Master Catalog

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 4 1-18-08 Option Specifications Option Double Rod -DR Nonrotating Rod 150 psi max. operating pressure -K HP 1-5/8" Bore and larger THP All Bores UHP 2-1/2" Bore and larger Hole Thru (4" stroke maximum) 150 psi max. operating pressure Bore Hole Size 1-1/8", 1-5/8" .13" -DR13 2-1/2", 3" .16" -DR16 4", 5", 6", .25" -DR25 8", 10", 12" Not available Hydraulic -H Low pressure service to 500 psi Nonshock Standard piston rod and rod bushing on both ends of the cylinder. Available in Series HP – 1-1/8" thru 6" bore; THP – 8" thru 12" bore; and UHP – 1-1/8" thru 12" bore, with 1/4" inch stroke increments through 4" and 1" stroke increments to 12". The THP Series (PTFE piston bearing) is not required because the two rod bushings provide excellent piston support. Use when attachment to both ends of the cylinder is required, or to indicate piston position. Also see Option –E on page 4.9. H + stroke See page 4.5 for dimension “H”. Typical for ALL bores and ALL mounting styles except -PM and -SM. A hole is drilled through the piston rods and the double rod stud. The rods are centered by pilot bosses in the piston and threaded tightly on the hollow stud. This hole can be used for the pas- sage of air, gas, liquid, or any media that is compatible with the stainless steel piston rod and the steel stud. The hole for each bore size is shown in the chart at the left. Available in Series HP and UHP only with 1/4" stroke increments through a maximum of 4". Use when the attachment to the rod required a fluid or vacuum. U Cup Seal O'Ring Tube Seal Both Ends where space permits O'Ring Wiper Rod Rod Piston Stud Two guide pins incorporated inside the cylinder pass through the piston head. These guide pins prevent rotation of the rod with a tolerance of ± 1°. Note that the nonrotating guide pins are located internally. This provides protection from the environment and from physical damage, common lubrica- tion with the cylinder, and NO additional space requirements. The rod end area is free for any attachments or tooling required by your application. The guide pins are precision ground tool steel and run in SAE 660 bear- ing bronze bushings and polyurethane Where space permits, a U Cup seal is placed inboard in an SAE 660 bronze bushing to eliminate leakage past the rod seal; an O'Ring is used as an out- board wiper. When space is limited, two O'Ring seals are used in the bronze bushing. O'Rings. These features provide preci- sion guiding and long, trouble free life. A rubber disk is included at the end of each guide pin to take up end play and seat the pins firmly in the guide pin holes. An information label similar to the one below is applied to each cylinder to warn against damage. WARNING THIS CYLINDER HAS A NONROTATING ROD.TO PREVENT INTERNAL DAMAGE, HOLD ROD BY WRENCH FLATS WHEN INSTALLING OR REMOVING ATTACHMENTS. Use with an Air-over-Oil system when the rigidity and precision smoothness of hydraulics and control is required. See page 5.11 and section 9 of this catalog for information on Air Oil Tanks and systems. Guide Pin Ground Tool Steel Rubber Disk SAE 660 Bear- ing Bronze Bushing O'Ring Polyurethane NOTE: Wrench flats have random location 4.10 Note: -PM or -SM mounts are NOT available for applications over 250 psi.