CV9 Master Catalog

1 Pancake ® Cylinders Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 1.9 Construction Details Original & "T" Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" HYDRAULIC, Low Pressure Service to 500 psi NONSHOCK. Temperature to +300° F max. Consult factory for media compatability and operating temperatures over 300°F. With Standard Thickness Cover -H With Thick Cover -HHC SUFFIX OPTIONS For Air-Oil or Hydraulic systems to 500 psi NONSHOCK. 1. A specially formulated U-Cup seal replaces the O-ring piston rod seal. This eliminates leakage past the rod seal and around the bushing. 2. Option -HHC , on single rod bores 1-5/8" (221) & larger, includes a thicker rear cover to assure that there is no warpage or failure when the mounting surface is the Rod End Face. See chart below. 3. 1/4 NPT Ports are available on bores 1-5/8" (221) & larger. See Option -P14 below. 4. Single Acting (Spring Return) Cylinders are designed for the spring to return the piston & rod assembly. Because of the low return forces available & the somewhat restricted flow, the piston returns slowly when used with oil at any pressure. Double Acting Cylinders are therefore recommended for Hydraulic service. –H is available on all series, bores 1-1/8" (121) and larger, actions -X & -O, -OP, -XDR & -ODR, all strokes. Available also for Actions -XK & -XDRK on bores 2-1/2" (521) and larger. Consult factory for available strokes on bores 1-1/8 (121) to 2" (321) and actions -XK & -XDRK. -HHC is available on all series. Bores 1-5/8" (221) and larger, all strokes, Actions -X & -O. SEE Option Specifications pages of desired Bore & Action for complete dimensional details. U-Cup Rod Seal DURALON ® Rod Bearing SUFFIX OPTIONS MODEL NUMBER SUFFIX OPTION –H –H –H –H –H –HHC ACTION –X, –O –OP –XDR, –ODR –XK –XDRK –X, –O 250 500 500 150 150 500 500 500 500 150 150 500 –F 250 500 500 150 150 500 –PM 500 500 NA 150 NA NA –SM 500 500 NA 150 NA NA –EPM 500 500 NA 150 NA NA –ESM 500 500 NA 150 NA NA –AS 500 NA NA 150 NA NA –RS 500 500 NA 150 NA NA Mounting surface is at rod end Mounting surface is at cap end Pressure Ratings (psi) for Various Mountings Other Options in Combination with –H or –HHC -HC includes the thick rear cover. It is for AIR service, to 250 psi, when the thick rear cover is desired. Available on all series, Bores 1 5/8" (221) and larger, all strokes, Actions; -X, -O. See Option Specifications pages of desired Bore and Action for complete dimensional details. AIR SERVICE With Thick Cover -HC 1/4 NPT PORTS -P14 4-23-04 Port size 1/4 NPT. On bores 1-5/8" (221) and 2" (321) the orifice between the port and the bore is also increased. All ports are in the standard loca- tions. Use when reduced pressure drop or higher cycle speeds are desired. They are particularly advantageous in Air-Oil Hydraulic applications. Available on all series, bores 1-5/8" (221) & larger, all strokes, all actions. See Standard Specifications pages of desired bore & action for complete dimensional details. There are no dimensional changes from standard other than port size.