CV9 Master Catalog

1 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation Pancake ® Cylinders 1.10 SUFFIX OPTIONS 150 psi maximum operating pressure A hole is drilled through the piston rods & the double rod stud (see construction details on page 1.3). This hole is used for the passage of Vac- uum, Air, Gas, Oil, Liquid or any media that is compatible with the stainless steel piston rod and the steel stud. Maximum pressure, 150 psi. Hole sizes available for each bore size are shown in the chart to the left. If a larger hole is needed (for higher flows or mechanical members) or all stainless steel construction is needed (for compatibility or higher pressure) see "One Piece Piston & Rod Construction" under Custom Options on page 1.15. Insert the SUFFIX Number into the Model Number immediately after the desired Action. For example: -XDR13 Available on Original Series, all Bores, all Strokes, Action; -XDR, -XDRK, -ODR. See Standard Specifications pages of desired Bore & Action for complete dimensional details. There are no dimensional changes from standard. SUFFIX OPTIONS Option Information Original & "T" Series 8 Bores, 1/2" – 4" HOLE THRU Double Rod Shaft Standard Standard Plus Model No. Model No. Hole Size Suffix Hole Size Suffix Bore thru stud (Std) thru stud (Std Plus) 1/2", 3/4" 1/16 -06 – – 1-1/8" 1/8 -13 5/32 -16 1-5/8" 1/8 -13 1/4 -25 2" 5/32 -16 5/16 -31 2-1/2" 5/32 -16 1/4 -25 3" 5/32 -16 1/4 -25 4" 1/4 -25 – – For those "in-between" strokes, a STROKE COLLAR is incorporated on the piston rod. The collar fits tightly on the piston rod so that it cannot float as the piston is stroked. Tolerance on the stroke is ± 1/64". For tighter toler- ances on the stroke or final rod position, consult Engineering. Available on all Series, all Bores, all Strokes, Actions; -X, -XDR, -OP. Also all series, Bores 3/4" (7) and larger, all Strokes, Actions; -XK, -XDRK. Also all Series, Bores 1/2" (5) & 3/4" (7), Actions; -O, -ODR. SEE Standard Specifications pag- es of desired Bore & Action for com- plete dimensional details. Cap End Rod Stick-out of Double Rod Units increases by amount stroke is shortened. Stroke Collar 2-13-08 Pro-Coat™ , Electroless Nickel Plating, is a hard, smooth, corrosion and wear resistant coating. It will often suffice for applications where stainless steel is specified. Its lasting luster provides high visual appeal. The coating is a high nickel, low phosphorous alloy deposited by chemical reduction without electric current that is “mil-for-mil” more corrosion resistant than electroplated nickel.The surface is virtually pore free.The thickness of the nickel deposit is consistent over the entire surface. Blind holes, threads, small diameter holes and internal surfaces all receive the same amount of plating. It has natural lubricity and a high resistance to abrasion. As shipped hardness of the coating is approximately 49 Rockwell C. Heat treating can increase hardness to approximately 60 Rockwell C. For specific applications, consult engineering. Besides cylinder parts, Pro-Coat™ may be applied to valve bodies, solenoid housings, fittings and most any item that appears in this catalog. Pro-Coat™ is available on all series, bore, stroke and action combinations. See Standard Specifications pages of desired bore and action for complete dimensional details. There are no dimensional changes from standard. FINISH: Clear anodize is standard. Plating: Pro-Coat™ Electroless Nickel -N Rod Rod Piston Stud STROKE COLLAR on Piston Rod in 1/8" increments. 1) Start with the next longest stroke. 2) Select the amount the stroke is to be shortened. 3) Specify the corresponding SUFFIX designation. 1/8" -C1 1/4" -C2 3/8" -C3 1/2" -C4 5/8" -C5 3/4" -C6 7/8" -C7