CV9 Master Catalog

6 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation Mount FT Output Ports Specify 2&4 Standard 1&3 -PR2 1&2 -PR3 1&4 -PR4 2&3 -PR5 3&4 -PR6 5-21-13 Adjustable Extend Stroke For strokes through 6" Option -AS Full stroke adjustment is standard. Note! To maintain operator safety features of this option, it is NOT available with mounting styles: WR and WFR. Use caution when mounting to avoid creating pinch points. Dial-A-Stroke ® provides a rugged and precision adjustment of the ex- tend stroke of the cylinder. The stop tube, adjustment nut with skirt, and minimum clearances combine to eliminate pinch points, thus providing operator safety. Note! Use caution when mounting to avoid creating pinch points with other parts of your machine design. The stop tube is black anodized aluminum, the adjustment nut is black- ened steel with a black anodized aluminum skirt, and the nut stop is red anodized aluminum; all for corrosion resistance and appearance. The adjustment nut, steel for long life, includes a lock screw with a plastic plug so that the adjustment nut can be locked in place without damaging the threads. The nut stop is mounted on the end of the adjustment rod so that the nut cannot come off. The fine pitch threads on the adjustment rod and nut provide precision adjustment. Adjustment settings are simplified by convenient scale markings applied to nut skirt and stop tube. Nut Stop Adjustment Rod with fine pitch thread Adjustment Nut with Mating Fine Pitch Thread 1/2 " Minimum Clearance when fully stroked Adjustment Nut Skirt Lock Screw Plastic Plug Stop Tube Rod Bushing Contact Surfaces totally enclosed Note: Use caution when mounting to avoid creating pinch points 6.6 Option Specifications High Flow Vents Option -HF The atmospheric vent in the baffle is cut larger to provide less resistance to the air flow. Use when higher cycle speeds are required. 2 1/2" Bore = 1.90 + (2 x Stroke) 4" Bore = 1.67 + (2 x Stroke) .75 + Stroke 2.00 Diameter .063 Stroke adjustment per revolution 2-1/2" Bore =1.50 Dia. 4" Bore = 2.00 Dia. 2 1/2" Bore = 1.00 + Stroke 4" Bore = .75 + Stroke Driving End Port Positions Option (Facing Output End, see Drawings on pages 6.3 & 6.4) All Ports with Mounts: FF, FFA, RF, RFA, WF, WR, WFR Output Vent Driving 1&3 1 1 Standard 2&4 2 2 -PA2 1&3 3 3 Rotate Standard 2&4 4 4 Rotate -PA2 All Ports with Mount FT Output Vent Driving 2&4 1 1 Standard 1&3 2 2 -PA2 2&4 3 3 -PA3 1&3 4 4 -PA4 For all other combinations of port locations specify each port location per the chart on the right. Any port or vent not specified will be in position shown on pages 6.3 & 6.4. Atmospheric Vent or Ported Baffle Port Specify 1 Standard 2 -PB2 3 -PB3 4 -PB4 Driving Port Specify 1 Standard 2 -PC2 3 -PC3 4 -PC4 Mounts: FF, FFA, RF, RFA, WF, WR, WFR Output Ports Specify 1&3 Standard 2&4 -PR2 1&2 -PR3 1&4 -PR4 2&3 -PR5 3&4 -PR6