CV9 Master Catalog

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 11 Directional Control Valves 14 & 34 Series 1/4 & 3/8 NPT 4-Way, 3 Position Operating Range • Operating pressure........ 0 to 150 psi • Cv = 1.0 (56.2 SCFM free flow to atmosphere @ 80 psi supply) • Temperature ...............+32° to 180°F Standard catalog models are suitable for operation in intermittent low temperatures in a range of 0° to + 32 °F. A custom aluminum spool may be substituted when long- term application temperatures are expected to be –40°to +32°F. These should be limited to manual actuation, not spring centered. Consider that actuation force may exceed catalog specs and that spring return models may not be reliable at these low temperatures. Please consult factory. For long-term, continuous operation in a range of +150°F to +180°F, the Viton seal option can provide the benefits of reliable leak-free operation and extended durability. Options Viton Seals, Specify Option –V 1/4 NPT & 3/8 NPT Ported, Hand Lever Operated Air Valves 5 Ported, 3-Position 4-Way Operation Dimensions – Spring Centered Spool Dimensions – Detented Spool 2-7-08 Model 14-HLF Shown Spring Centered Spool Replacement Detented Spool Replacement Spool Type 1/4 NPT Ports 3/8 NPT Ports 1/4 NPT Ports 3/8 NPT Ports B Spool 14HLSB 34HLSB 1400-934SB 14HLB 34HLB 1400-934B F Spool 14HLSF 34HLSF 1400-934SF 14HLF 34HLF 1400-934F Model Number Guide: 3-Position, Hand Lever Operated Spool & Seals Spool & Seals 11.16 .20 Clearance for #10 bolt 3.38 .25 1.75 .19 4.88 1.75 1.00 3.94 .19 .20 Clearance for #10 bolt 3.38 .25 1.75 .19 4.00 .19 Features Hardened and plated steel shaft with unique connections results in positive shifting • Aluminum bar body • Anodized black • Honed and burnished bore • Delrin spool, pressure balanced • Buna N seals • May be used as either single inlet-dual exhaust or dual inlet-single exhaust • Pre-lubed with Magnalube–G ® Grease