CV9 Master Catalog

1 Pancake ® Cylinders Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 1.15 Custom Options & Specials Specials Let us help you! Our engineering and special products depart- ments are willing and able to assist you with your design. FABCO-AIR will produce cylinders and valves to meet your specific application require- ments. In quantities of one and up. We have been doing it for almost 40 years. Many of our specials have become custom options; many have become standard catalog options. Custom Options are modifications that we produce on a routine basis, but they have too many combinations of features for practical listing in this catalog. Following are just a few of the more com- mon of these custom options: • Custom rod extensions • Custom rod end configurations • Pilot diameters on mounting faces • 1 Piece double rod, piston & rod assembly with or without a hole through • Rod wipers, urethane or metallic • Thick covers with ports • Covers with manifolding • Other materials • Other lubricants • Strokes other than listed with special length bodies and rods • Mounting styles & dimensions to specifications • Back-to-Back cylinders for 3 or 4 positions • Multiple position cylinders– Tandem type for 3 or more positions 2-14-08 Constant Low Pressure Reg. Air Springs • An air spring allows the use of any standard double acting cylinder as a single acting spring return (push or pull) type.To accomplish this simply connect a constant regulated pressure (must be a relieving regulator) to the proper port of the double acting cylinder. • This system gives you a variable spring load (by adjusting the pressure) that is consistent over the full stroke and life of the cylinder and will not break as helical compression springs often do. • For space and cost savings, one regulator can serve several cylinders on the same machine. • Small regulator supplies constant pressure & controls spring force. • Connection to Rod End Port results in a spring retracted type cylinder • Connection to Cap End Port results in a spring extended type cylinder