CV9 Master Catalog

Fabco-Air Inc. Specials 0 ii Specials... Consider asking Fabco-Air for a modified or special product to meet your necessary and specific re- quirements. Fabco-Air has the willingness, years of experience, manpower and equipment available to design, adapt, modify and produce in any quantity, existing or new products to meet your job require- ments more effectively. Please contact your local distributor with details of your requirements so that we may assist you. The photos here show just a few examples of the thousands of specials that have been produced over the past three decades. 1/2 NPT Valve Stack ■ Manifolded inlet into both valves ■ One solenoid controlled valve with internal orificing to pilot operate second valve Pancake ® ■ Rear tapped mount with extension hub Pancake ® ■ Heavy spring extend ■ Front flange mount 1/2 NPT Valve ■ 3 way with heavy spring ■ Provision for operator at- tachment and positive manual override for foot opera- tion Pancake ® ■ 3 position 6/15/05