CV9 Master Catalog

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 2 Construction Details 1-17-08 2.4 1 The square body material is a custom aluminum extrusion with a relief extruded in to provide mounting rails. The SQL series extrusion includes the body side extensions for the Side Lug Mounting.These mounting rails are machined flat before any other machining is done.This step eliminates any twist or curl in the rails, assuring a flat mounting surface. 2 The cylinder body is located on fixture points ( ) or the bore during machining operations for other features. This provides an accurate and consistent dimension from the bore centerline to the mounting surface for mounting the cylinder and making attachments to the piston rod. 3 The Face Mount, Series SQF and SQFW, mounting holes are machined in relationship to the centerline of the bore to control the accuracy and consistency for mounting and making attachments to the rod. 4 The cylinder bore is polished to produce a fine crosshatch finish, which, unlike an ultra smooth finish, provides a reservoir for lubrication. Lubrication, of course, provides lower friction and longer seal life. 5 The cylinder is hard anodized inside and out. This is an electrochemical process which provides a very dense surface of aluminum oxide. This surface has extreme hardness (60 Rc), excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and low coefficient of friction. The hard anodizing actually impregnates the base aluminum rather than just coating the surface like a plating. The hardness and wear resistance exceed that of hard chrome plated steel. The appearance is an attractive, satin gray. 6 Unique construction provides unequaled piston rod support and prohibits rod bushing BLOWOUT! The one- piece Duralon ® rod bushing is inserted from the inside and then staked in place. Duralon ® is a Teflon ® lined, fiberglass structure with load carrying capacity of 60,000 psi. See the chart comparing this to other bearing materials on page 2.2. Duralon ® also provides: consistency - reliable and predictable performance from bushing to bushing; corrosion resistance- nonmetallic materials resist galvanic, chemical, and fretting corrosion; self lubrication- Teflon ® lining provides low friction and minimizes slipstick, even under no-load conditions; seizure resistance - fiberglass backing material will not seize or gall on shaft under extreme wear. Rod bearing length on 1" stroke and over is longer to provide additional load support at the longer extensions. The O'Ring seal is located outboard as far as possible to allow air system lubrication onto most of the bearing surface. 7 The rod bearings and cap end plugs are held in place by two internal lockrings. In the 2" (321) bore size the inboard lockring and its groove are of standard rectangular cross section. The outboard lockring and its groove are beveled. As the outboard lockring expands in this beveled arrangement, it drives the rod bearing or cap end plug into and tightly against the inboard lockring. This locks the bearing or plug rigidly in place, thus providing precision, non-floating location and rigid support for the piston rod. 8 The rod bearings and cap end plugs are held in place by two internal lockrings. In bore sizes 3/4" (04) thru 1-5/8" (221) all the lockring grooves are of standard rectangular cross section.The internal groove is wider and the lockring is bowed. This bowed lockring drives the rod bearing or cap end plug tightly against the outboard lockring, thus providing precision, non-floating location and rigid support for the piston rod. 9 The piston rod is centerless ground, polished and hard chrome plated (68-72 Rc) stainless steel. Surface finish is 12 RMS or better and carries lubrication like our cylinder bore (see 4). These features, combined with the low friction and high load capacity of the Duralon® bushing provide exceptional cylinder life. Female, fine pitch rod thread and wrench flats are standard. 10 Cylinders with strokes under 1" have a thin piston head with a single O'Ring for space savings. Cylinders with 1" stroke and over have a thicker piston which incorporates a PTFE bearing in addition to the O'Ring seal.This bearing is a close tolerance, rectangular cross section strip of a tough, stable, wear resistant PTFE compound located at the rear of the piston head, the furthest point from the rod bearing. The bearing material and its location provide maximum load support and maintain the long life of the cylinder bore and piston seal. 11 The piston is aluminum for light weight. It has a counterbore which locates the piston rod and provides precise concentricity control for smooth cylinder movement. 12 The piston is attached to the piston rod with a socket flat head screw which is torqued for both proper preload on the screw and secure clamping of the piston. Loctite® on the threads and faces assures sealing and locks the assembly against pounding and vibration. 13 Internally lubricated Buna-N O'Rings (–25° to + 250° F) provide low profile, low friction, and long life sealing of the piston and rod. These are compounded to provide extra long wear and low breakaway (starting) pressure, running friction and smoother operation. In tests, cylinders with internally lubricated O'Rings have extended cycle life of 2 to 3 times beyond cylinders with standard Buna-N seals. Over 3 decades of experience and close attention to detail at design, production and assembly produce the ultimate Fabco-Air Square 1 ® Cylinders. They FIT, not only into very tight spaces, but into ANY cylin- der application. They WILL fit YOUR application.