CV9 Master Catalog

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 2 5-22-13 Male Rod Thread Option Single Rod -MR Double Rod, Rod End Only -MR Double Rod, Cap End Only -MR1 Double Rod, Both Ends -MR2 Viton Seals Option -V Metric Rod Thread Option -M Quad Seals Option -Q Ports Position Option -1B Hydraulic Option -H Square 1 ® Cylinders 2.9 A high strength stud is threaded into the standard female rod end and retained with Loctite ® . This method eliminates the small diameter thread relief area normally required when machining male threads. It provides a much stronger rod end which can be repaired, rather than replacing the complete rod, should the thread be damaged. For elevated temperatures (–15°F to +400°F) or compatibility with exotic media. Consult engineering for compatibility information. Thread Bore Thread 3/4" 10-32 x 0.50 7/8" 10-32 x 0.50 1-1/8" 5/16-24 x 0.75 1-5/8" 3/8-24 x 0.88 2" 1/2-20 x 1.00 A QUAD seal replaces the standard O'Ring on the piston only. Standard seal material is Buna-N with operating temperatures of –25°F to + 250°F. Consult engineering for other materials. Both ports are located at Posi- tion 1B (see drawings on page 2.7). This position is achieved by reverse assembly of the cylinder. Therefore, it is a no-charge option. Please note that on Series SQF and SQFW the mounting holes rotate 90°. For Air-over-Oil or Hydraulic systems to 150 psi, NONSHOCK. Where space permits, a U-cup rod seal or an additional rod O'Ring is Ports can be located in other positions on a special basis. Consult engineering with application requirements for details on other locations. incorporated in the rod bearing to help prevent fluid carry-over past the rod seal. Rod threads are configured in common METRIC sizes. To arrive at Female Rod Thread depth in mm, multiply English depth by 25.4. See page 2.15 for Metric Rod Clevis. Rod Loctite ® No Relief No weakness Stud See page 2.15 for Metric Rod Clevis Low pressure service to 150psi NONSHOCK Bore Female Rod Thread Pitch Male Rod Thread x Length 3/4 M5 0.8 M5 x 12.7 7/8 M5 0.8 M5 x 12.7 1-1/8 M8 1.25 M8 x 19.0 1-5/8 M10 1.50 M10 x 22.2 2 M12 1.75 M12 x 25.4