CV9 Master Catalog

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 2 5-22-13 Stroke Collar on piston rod Option 1/8" -C1 1/4" -C2 3/8" -C3 1/2" -C4 5/8" -C5 3/4" -C6 7/8" -C7 Square 1 ® Cylinders 2.11 An adjusting screw with a thread sealing locknut mounted in the Cap End Plug provides a simple, yet rugged and precision adjustment of the cylinder stroke in the retract direction. Bores 3/4", 7/8", and 1-1/8" have a 5/16"-24 thread giving 0.042" adjustment per revolution. Bores 1-5/8" and 2" have a 1/2-20 thread giving 0.050" adjustment per revolution. The -RS designation provides full stroke adjustment of any cylinder with 1" stroke or less, and 1" stroke adjustment on all longer strokes. When specifying longer adjustments on longer cylinders, add the desired adjustment to the -RS designation (1/2" increments, please). Example : -RS=2.000 will provide 2" of adjustment on any cylinder with 2" or more stroke. How to Order 1) Start with the next lon- gest stroke cylinder. 2) Select the amount the stroke is to be shortened. 3) Use the corresponding designation immediately after the stroke in the model number. For those “in-between” strokes, a STROKE COLLAR of Delrin ® is incorporated on the piston rod. The collar fits tightly on the piston rod so that it cannot float as the piston is stroked. Tolerance on the stroke is ± 1/64". For tighter tolerances on the stroke or final rod position, contact engineering with application details. For applications where you need a small amount of cushion at the end of the cylinder stroke to take out the metallic “slap” of piston head on piston stop. This is accomplished by placing an O'Ring on the rod at the piston, and/or in the cap end plug so that initial contact is with the elastomer and not metal-to-metal. The Fabco-Air design assures sufficient compression of the seals to allow full stroke. Because of the temperature limitations of the adhesives involved, sound limiters are available in cylinders with internally lubricated Buna-N O'Rings only. Stroke collar of Delrin ® Sound Limiters Option Rod End Only -LF Cap End Only -LR Both Rod & Cap Ends -LFR Note:When using stroke collars in double rod units, CAP END ROD STICK-OUT in- creases by amount stroke is shortened. .17 Max. Adjusting Screw Thread sealing locknut 3/4", 7/8", 1-1/8" Bores = 1/2 Hex 1-5/8" and 2" Bores = 11/16 Hex Strokes 1" & Under = .38 Max. + Stroke Strokes Over 1" = .38 Max. + Adjustment Any stroke with up to and including 1" adjustment. Any stroke with over 1" adjustment, specify the adjustment length after the -RS. Example: 2" Adjustment = -RS=2.000 Sound limiting O'Ring Cushions Option -LFR shown Adjustable Retract Stroke Option -RS