CV9 Master Catalog

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 2 Wrench flat random rotation An internal piston guide pin prohibits rod rotation so that objects attached to or moved by the rod will not rotate. Incorporating the guide mechanism inside the cylinder saves you the time, space and cost of mounting external guide pins and bushings in and around your mechanism. The guide pin and bushing are also protected from damage by the environment, the atmosphere, or mechanical abuse. These internal parts are lubricated by the system lubrication. Option Specifications 2.12 Construction Details 1. The aluminum piston is attached to the piston rod with a socket flat head cap screw which is torqued for proper preload of the screw and clamping of the piston. Loctite® on the threads and faces assures sealing and locks the assembly against pounding and vibration. 2. PTFE bearing is standard in 1" strokes and longer for single rod models. 3. The non-rotating guide pin is ground tool steel for precision and long life. Incorporated inside the cylinder it is protected from environmental dirt and grime and mechanical abuse. It receives lubrication from the air system lubricator. Available in 1-1/8", 1-5/8", and 2" bores. May be used in conjunction with all options including -E piston position sensing. Rotational accuracy is ±1°. The warning label shown at the left is applied to each cylinder. 4. A precision machined guide pin support block is attached to each end of the cylinder by a flat head screw. These support blocks provide rigid and precise location of the guide pin. 5. The guide pin passes through a polyurethane O-ring seal and an SAE660 bearing bronze bushing installed in the piston head. This combination provides "no-leak" precision guiding and long life. 6. A disk of rubber is included at the end of the guide pin to take up end play and firmly seat the pin in its support blocks. Cutaway view of Model SQL-321 X 4 - K Nonrotating Option -K 1-1/8", 1-5/8", and 2" bores only WARNING THIS CYLINDER HAS A NONROTATING ROD. TO PREVENT INTERNAL DAMAGE HOLD ROD BYWRENCH FLATSWHEN INSTALLING OR REMOVING ATTACHMENTS. 5-9-13