CV9 Master Catalog

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 3 3.9 5-9-13 Magnetic Piston Option -E (Order Sensors and Sensor Clamps Separately) • Option -E consists of a magnet bonded into the piston head.When the piston magnet moves past an external sensor, the magnetic field activates the sensor without physical contact. • Mounting – The sensor snaps into a 2-part clamp that attaches rigidly to any of the tie rods and can be positioned anywhere along the length of the cylinder. • Reliability – The annular piston magnet is permanently bonded into a groove in the piston. It is a polarized permanent magnet of rubber bonded barium ferrite that is very stable and is not affected by shock. Under normal usage it will remain magnetized indefinitely. • Warning – External magnetic fields and/or ferrous objects may affect the strength of the piston magnet therefore affecting sensor actuation and piston position indication.Warning labels (shown left) are affixed to the cylinder. • Sensor clamps and sensors are ordered separately. Sensor Magnet, Rubber Bonded Barium Ferrite Tie Rod, Stainless Steel Cylinder Head Cylinder Tube Piston Rod Piston Clamp T T Sensor Magnet, Rubber Bonded Barium Ferrite Tie Rod, Stainless Steel Cylinder Head Cylinder Tube Piston Rod Piston Clamp T Model 521 X 6 – E shown with 2 prewired electronic sensors Female Cordsets available in 1, 2, & 5 meter lengths 9 foot prewired sensor 2-Piece Sensor Clamp shown with quick disconnect sensor snapped in place Socket Head Screw Quick Disconnect Sensor Shown WARNING This cylinder is equipped with a Magnetic Piston for use with Magnetically Operated Sensors. Other Magnetic Sensitive Devices Should be Kept at a Distance to Avoid Inadvertent Operation. Sensor & Clamp Ordering Guide Electrical Characteristics 5-120 VDC/VAC, 0.5 Amp Max., 10 Watt Max., SPST N.O., 3.5 Voltage Drop Sourcing, PNP, 6-24 VDC, 0.5 Amp Max., 1.0 Voltage Drop Sinking, NPN, 6-24VDC, 0.5 Amp Max., 1.0 Voltage Drop Quick Disconnect Part Number. 9-2A197-1304 9-2A197-1333 9-2A197-1334 Prewired 9 ft. Part No. 9-2A197-1004 9-2A197-1033 9-2A197-1034 Product Type Reed Switch Electronic Electronic LED Lighted Magnetic Piston Position Sensors For all Longstroke Models Order Part Number 800-200-000 Length 1 Meter 2 Meter 5 Meter Part Number CFC-1M CFC-2M CFC-5M Sensor Mounting Clamp - for all Longstroke Models Female Cordsets for Quick Disconnect Warning! Do not exceed sensor ratings. Permanent damage to sensor may occur. Power supply polarity MUST be observed for proper opera- tion of sensors. See wiring diagrams included with each sensor. Top View Round Head Style Top View Square Head Style Model 321 S321 521 S521 721 S721 1221 S1221 T .50" .50" .50" .10" .50" .30 .30" .30" Sensor Clamp Stick Out Dimensions Temperature Range : –20° to + 80°C (–4° to + 176°F) Sensor housing rated NEMA 6/IP67. Longstroke ™ Cylinders