FAQR ISO 6431 Cylinders

Page 7 Mid-Trunnion (TC) 9-04-09 Rear Flange (FB) ZF + Stroke Eye Mount (CA) Pivot Mount (CB) FAQR Series Dimensions (mm) XD + Stroke XD + Stroke ZX + Stroke SA + Stroke XA + Stroke ZB + Stroke (maximum) ZC + (Stroke ÷2) See notes A, B & C A) 8x, set screws lock TC mount to extruded housing rails. Dim. 'ZC' is adjustable by the customer if necessary. Loosen set screws and adjust to desired position. Apply Loctite 242 (blue) to set screws and tighten. B) TC mount may interfere with application of piston position sensors when using short strokes, sensing mid-stroke positions or if the TC mount is placed near either end-of-stroke. C) ø125mm mount is plated steel and may affect magnetic field required for effective position sensing. Smaller size mounts are anodized aluminum. All trunnion pins are stainless steel. Notes Specifications and prices subject to change without notice or incurring obligation.