Crimping Tools

Page 3 Portable Assembly Tool at Work The Fabco-Air hand held crimping tool is light weight and completely portable. It delivers the same power as its bench mounted counterpart. Running on standard shop air pressure it accommodates all the different power heads (jaws). Dual triggers allow the tool to be operated using either left or right hand with or without gloves. Ergonomically balanced at the trig- gers, the tool is easy to use and minimizes operator fatigue. Power Heads: Power heads can be interchanged in less than a minute on either bench mounted or portable tools. Contact Fabco-Air with details of your application to get specific recommendations for power head type and sizes. Making the Crimp, Swage, Cut, etc. Depressing the white button at the top of the handle opens the jaws to receive the parts for assembly. Releasing the button allows the jaws to spring close on the parts holding them in position. Pulling either of the red triggers releases a lock so the valve can be tripped by squeezing the index finger. This actu- ates the power cylinder driving the jaws into their closed position. Features • Operating air pressure of 85 to 150 psi. • Normally closed jaw design for safety. • One hand operation allows second hand free. • Tool is ergonomically balanced. • Has full safety, easy to use two finger trigger activation. • Can be operated from the left or right handed position, with or without work gloves. Booster Accessory Installs Quickly Some jobs will require higher forces for proper results. An optional booster accessory is available to increase the supply air pressure to an acceptable level. It is at- tached with four allen bolts to the rear of any Fabco-Air crimping tool. Change-over takes only minutes. Optional boosters attach to the rear of the portable tool (shown) or to the bench mounted tool. Model 2XB-300 (multiplies supply pressure by 2) Model 4XB-300 (multiplies supply pressure by 4) List price for either booster – $1031.10 each Fabco-Air, Inc. ■ 3716 N.E. 49th Avenue ■ Gainesville, FL 32609-1699 ■ 8-17-11 Send us the parts you want crimped and we’ll build a power head with the jaws to do your job. Model PHT-300 portable tool Model PHT-300 portable tool (shown without power head) List price – $1908.75 Model PHS-102 power head (similar to the one pictured) has machinable blank jaws List price – $661.25 Crimping jaws are powerful and may close to zero clearance. Use caution when operating these tools. Provision for operator protection is always the full re- sponsibility of the user.