FKA Gripper

FKA Series Bulletin FKA-09 Features 1. Magnetic piston is standard feature. 2. Adding optional sensors enables "open" and "close" position sensing. 3. Compact design make grippers ideal for OHUKSPUN ZTHSS WHY[Z PU JVUÄULK HYLHZ 4. Gripper body is hardcoated aluminum ensuring abrasion and corrosion resistance. 5. No extra lubrication required. 9-20-18 Series Bore FKA Standard Type See sensor specifications, selection guide and pricing on page 3. Please order sensors and female cordsets separately. Pneumatic Angular Grippers F $ ,ќLJ[P]L NYPWWPUN MVYJL SIM M $ *HSJ\SH[LK MYVT JOHY[ HIV]L P $ 6WLYH[PUN WYLZZ\YL WZP L $ +PZ[HUJL NYPW WVPU[ [V QH^ WP]V[ PU FKA 16 Model Price ø10 ø16 ø20 ø25 How to Order :WLJPÄJH[PVUZ Parts List *VUZ[Y\J[PVU – FKA-10 - FKA-16 - FKA-20 - FKA-25 - Rubber bonded barium ferrite Nitrile - Buna N Nitrile - Buna N Nitrile - Buna N 100 psi max. Model FKA Action Double acting Bore (mm) ø10 ø16 ø20 ø25 Media Compressed air Min.operating 15 psi pressure Max.operating 47H RNM JT WZP pressure Ambient & media ¶ ‡* ‡- e ‡* ‡- temperature <ZL ÄS[LYLK KY` HPY Lubrication None required or use ISO VG32 Port size M3x0.5 M5x0.8 Opening approx. ‡e ‡ M Open .12 x P .31 x P .49 x P .76 x P Close .077 x P .23 x P .37 x P .59 x P Max tooling length (in.) 1.18 1.57 2.36 2.75 Effective gripping - $ 4 3 _ force (F) lbf Weight g (ounce) 3OHDVH YLVLW KWWS SRUWDO IDEFR DLU FRP FRQðJXUH SKS IRU FXUUHQW SULFLQJ 6SHFLðFDWLRQV DQG SULFHV VXEMHFW WR FKDQJH ZLWKRXW QRWLFH RU LQFXUULQJ REOLJDWLRQ