Multi-Power Air Presses

Provisions for operator protection are always the full responsibility of the user Page 6 Multi-Power ® Air Presses Viton Seals Option –V Male Rod Thread Option –MR Nonrotating Rod Option –NR (Ram Guide) The nonrotating option keeps the piston rod and any attached tooling from rotating as the cylinder strokes. It consists of: ■ Clamp – attaches to the piston rod. ■ Guide Pin – a precision dowel pin. ■ Yoke – hard anodized Aluminum. The yoke can be adjusted for any tolerances or wear occurring between the yoke and guide pin. ■ Associated hardware. Adjustable Extend Stroke Option –AS For strokes through 6" maximum. Full stroke adjustment is standard. Note: Deduct 1.2 square inches from the effective piston area. For elevated temperatures (-15 ° to +400 ° F) or compatibility with exotic media. Consult engineering for compatibility information. The thread is accurately machined onto the rod for precise alignment and extra strength. Fine pitch enables precise ad- justment with room for a jam nut to lock tooling in place. The rod end is machined so tooling can be bottomed out if desired. Nut Stop Adjustment Rod Adjustment Nut with Mating Fine Pitch Thread 3/4" Minimum Clearance when fully stroked Adjustment Nut Skirt Lock Screw Plastic Plug Stop Tube Rod Bushing Contact Surfaces totally enclosed One Revolution of the Adjustment Nut adjusts the stroke by .071 inches. Adjustment settings are simplified by convenient scale markings applied to nut skirt and stop tube. Dial-A-Stroke® provides a rugged, precision adjustment of the cylinder's extend stroke. The stop tube, adjustment nut with skirt, and minimum clearances combine to eliminate pinch points. 1-30-02 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations This option may be added at any time without disassembly of the cylinder. The stop tube is blue anodized aluminum • the adjustment nut is blackened steel with a black anodized aluminum skirt • the stop nut is red anodized aluminum: all for corrosion resistance and appearance. • The adjustment nut, steel for long life, includes a lock screw with a plastic plug so that the adjustment nut can be locked in place without damaging the threads. • The stop nut is mounted on the end of the adjust- ment rod so that the nut cannot come off. The fine pitch threads on the adjustment rod and nut provide precision adjustment. .75 + Stroke 1.67 + (2 x Stroke) .071 Stroke Adjustment per Revolution 2.25 Dia. .75 + Stroke 2.25 Dia. Retract Port 3/8 NPT 2.94 .50 Guide Pin .50 4.00 Clamp Screw Rod End View Clamp; Plated Steel Rod Snap Ring locates Clamp and maintains clearance between cylinder and clamp. Port Side View Yoke Lockring groove for locating Nonrotating Option –NR 2.39 1.94 4.50 1.250 ± .001 1.00 Wrench Flats 7/8-14 x 1.38 Rod Thread