Multi-Power Air Presses

Provisions for operator protection are always the full responsibility of the user Page 8 Multi-Power ® Air Presses Integral Clamp Piston Magnet, Rubber Bonded Barium Ferrite Tie Rod, Stainless Steel Cylinder Head Cylinder Tube 1" Sensor 1-21-02 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Magnetic Piston for Position Sensing Option –E • Option -E consists of a magnet bonded into the piston head. When the piston magnet moves past an external sensor, the magnetic field activates the sensor without physical contact. • Mounting –The sensor includes an integral clamp that attaches rigidly to a tie rod and can be positioned anywhere along the length of the cylinder for very precise signaling. Multiple sensors can be mounted on any of the four tie rods. • Reliability – The annular pistonmagnet is permanently bonded into a groove in the piston. It is a polarized permanent magnet of rubber bonded barium ferrite that is very stable and is not affected by shock. Under normal usage it will remain magnetized indefi- nitely. • Warning – External magnetic fields and/or ferrous objects may affect the strength of the piston magnet therefore affecting sensor actuation and piston position indication. Labels noting this are affixed to the cylinder. • Please note there is an increase in base length of the cylinder to accommodate themagnet. The rod end stage only increases by 1". (If the unit also includes the –HS option, then the magnet is applied to the next piston away from the rod end.) 749 Series Sensors shown on a 4-stage Multi-Power ® Cylinder (left) Sensor & Clamp Ordering Guide Warning! Do not exceed sensor ratings. Permanent damage to sensor may occur. Power supply polarity MUST be observed for proper operation of sensors. See wiring diagrams included with each sensor. Length 2 Meter 5 Meter Part No. CFC-2M-12 CFC-5M-12 Female Cordsets for Quick Disconnect Sensors Electrical Characteristics 5-240 VDC/VAC, 1 Amp Max., 30 Watt Max., SPST N.O., 3.0 Voltage Drop Sourcing, PNP, 6-24 VDC, 1.0 Amp Max., 0.5 Voltage Drop Sinking, NPN, 6-24 VDC, 1.0 Amp Max., 0.5 Voltage Drop Quick Disconnect Part Number 749-000-504 749-000-531 749-000-532 Prewired 9 ft. Part Number 749-000-004 749-000-031 749-000-032 Product Type Reed Switch Electronic Electronic LED Lighted Magnetic Piston Position Sensors Sensor Temperature Range: –20 ° to +80 ° C (–4 ° to +176 ° F) 749 Series Sensor Sensor LED Indicator Tie Rod Clamp Quick disconnect sensors are available with 2 and 5 meter female cordsets WARNING This Cylinder is Equipped with a Magnetic Piston for use with Magnetically Operated Sensors. Other Magnetic Sensitive Devices Should be kept at a Distance to Avoid Inad- vertent Operation