Rotary Actuators

Page 7 FRC Series 6-2-15 Bearing cover is scribed 4 places 90° apart. 2X- 1/8PT (FRC16: M5x0.8) Gear cover has 5° incremental scale with ‡ ÄUL PUJYLTLU[ ‡ ZWHU L]LY` ‡ 2X, Air cushion adjuster. Hole thru 1 gap between cover and gear housing. Sensor 9C49-200-XXX for all sizes. Adapter #TD11047 included with sensor . 4X, Groove for sensor mounting. Installed sensor is ÁXVK RU EHORZ for sizes 16 – 25. 3OHDVH YLVLW KWWS SRUWDO IDEFR DLU FRP FRQðJXUH SKS IRU FXUUHQW SULFLQJ 6SHFLðFDWLRQV DQG SULFHV VXEMHFW WR FKDQJH ZLWKRXW QRWLFH RU LQFXUULQJ REOLJDWLRQ