Page 13 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. The unique grippers offering an extensive choice of sensors! S11 – S20 Sensing Options E20– E30 Electronic Sensors – Option Codes E20–E24 Magnetic Reed Switches – Option Codes E25–E30 All SPG Grippers are available with electronic sensors or reed switches that are clamped on a bracket mounted on either face of the gripper. These are actuated by a magnet attached to one jaw. Single and dual position sensors are available for verifying open/close/both jaw positions. Specials – Brackets can be mounted on both faces to accomodate three or four sensors or switches. See "Special Examples 1 & 3" on page 5. Prewired Style Switches: Codes E21 - E30 Prewired styles are supplied with 9 foot leadwire. Quick Disconnect Style Switches: Codes E21C - E30C Quick disconnect style switches are supplied with 6" pigtail with male connector. Order female connector cordsets separately as follows: CFC-1M..................1 meter CFC-2M..................2 meters CFC-5M..................5 meters See "How to Order" guide on page 7. 10-20-10 Model SPG300 shown with Code E23C or E24C face mounted, quick-disconnect, electronic sensors.