Page 14 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. “SPG”Series Parallel Grippers 7/16/99A Ports Front & Rear – Option "B" End ports are plugged. Not available on SPG100, SPG600, or Long Stroke Models. Dowel pin facilitates precision mounting. Mounting method (1) Machine a slip fit channel .030" deep into customer's tooling to accept Gripper dimension "B". Mounting the gripper is accomplished by "slipping" the gripper's dowel into a slip fit dowel hole and pushing the gripper into the machined channel. Removal is easy and does not required "prying" the gripper off two "stuck dowel holes. (See dimensions pages 8-11) Mounting Method (2) Utilizes the slip fit dowel slot that is included with the center locating dowel pin. The center dowel pin establishes gripper centerline on an X–Y plane. The end dowel locates the X Axis preventing rotation. The "Q" dimension is not critical. It can be held to ±.005 and still provide precision engagement in the grip- per dowel slot. Center Locating Dowel Pin – Option "A" Non-Synchronous Grippers Compliant Type – Option "N" This configuration is provided by simply removing the rocker arm that normally provides synchronization. Jaws will comply to the centerline established by the part to be gripped. The combination of equal piston forces and internal friction prevents jaw drift. Not available on SPG100 or High Force models. Quiet, high speed cycling – The SPG is the only gripper in its class to offer bumpers (both extend and retract) for quiet, high-speed cycling. Urethane pads (1/32" thick, except SPG600 1/16"thick) can be installed against the outside of the jaws for cushioning at the "open" position – or one pad in the center can be used to cushion the "closed" position. Available on SPG200 and larger models for "open", "closed" or "both" positions. Adjustable Stops – By simply "stacking" the bumper pads, custom strokes can be achieved in 1/32" increments (1/16" on SPG600). This is an ideal way of limiting stroke length when high speed cycling is desired with the minimum amount of time consuming stroke. To order, specify the number of pads to be "stacked" at the open and/or closed position as follows: C3 = three pads on each side for open D2 = two pads in between jaws for close. Bumper Options "C","D" & "E" (Not available on SPG100 Models) For quiet, high speed cycling – or for Adjustable Stops Quantity of Bumpers in Stack Option C – Cushion Open Option D – Cushion Close Option E – Cushion Both Bumper Location