Page 15 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. The family of grippers offering the widest choice of options! 10-20-10 Interface Blocks – Option "H" Interface blocks can be attached to J2/J4 jaws allowing tooling to be mounted on any side of the block. See " problem #2, solution C" on page 4. Dimensions are on pages 8 & 10. Strain Relief – Option "R" Air tubing is held by slotted clamps attached to the face of the gripper. Not available on SPG600 or High Force models. Viton Seals – Option "V" High temperature seals Escapement Device – Option "Q" (J2 & J4 Jaw Styles Only) Same as Option "P" except that both jaws have adjustable stops and operate on equal pressure. See "Special Example #3 on page 5 for details. Not available on SPG100 or High Force models. Non-Synchronous Grippers Fixed Reference Type – Option "P" (J2 & J4 Jaw Styles Only) Jaws operate completely independently thru 2 sets of ports (2 air valves required). One jaw is fitted with an adjustable stop for fixed reference point. Fixed reference jaw requires 50% more pressure than its mating jaw. Not available on SPG100 or High Force models. Spring Options – "F" & "G" (Not available on SPG100, Long Stroke, or High Force Models) For "Failsafe" or "Single Acting" Operation Spring Force @ Full Close 4.9 lbs 12.0 lbs 70.0 lbs Spring Force @ Full Open 3.8 lbs 7.4 lbs 35.0 lbs Model SPG200 SPG300 SPG600 Spring Force Per Jaw To Open (Option F) Spring Force @ Full Open 5.3 lbs 12.0 lbs 63.0 lbs Spring Force @ Full Close 3.5 lbs 7.1 lbs 33.0 lbs Model SPG200 SPG300 SPG600 Spring Force Per Jaw To Close (Option G) Spring options can be used to maintain grip force with loss of air pressure (fail safe) or as single acting grippers (single air supply line to port). Also, springs can be used to "assist" gripping force. Example: SPG 300 with "G" option would have a standard closing grip force of 22 pounds per jaw (at 100 psi as shown in the Gripper Selection Guide, page 6), plus a spring assist of 12 pounds per jaw at full open (reference the chart below), for a total of approximately 34 pounds per jaw gripping force.