Page 20 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. “LPG”Series Parallel Grippers Mounting Styles MH1 – Through hole (4) MH2 – Tapped hole (4) Can be mounted with port side up or down. How it works The LPG Gripper shown above is an adaptation of Fabco-Air's EZ Series linear slides. Its jaws are a pair of toolbars which extend to the front away from the gripper mechanism (TBF tooling style). An integral, double acting air cylinder drives the shorter toolbar and inboard pair of guide shafts. A double rack and pinion arrange- ment transfers force to the outboard guide shafts holding the wider toolbar. The toolbars (jaws) extend toward and retract away from each other with absolute parallelism and precise synchronous motion. High Load Carrying Capacity Bearings in the LPG Gripper have a very high load carrying capacity so that load is only limited by the strength of the guide shafts to resist deflection. Centering is accurate to within .002" repeatability, providing virtually "play free" gripping. Side-to-side play is less than .002". Choice of Mounting Styles The LPG Gripper can be mounted with the port side up or down because the end caps are machined on both the top and bottom surfaces. The end caps are available with through holes (Code MH1) or tapped mounting holes (Code MH2). Double Rack & Pinion (factory lubricated ) transfers force from inboard pair of guide shafts to the outboard pair for precise, synchronous motion. Sealed Ball Bearings Stainless Steel Guide Shafts (4) Toolbars extend toward and retract away from each other while maintaining absolute parallelism. Integral Tube and Tie Rod Cylinder Metal Covers (2) Cross Tapped Holes on each toolbar allows tool- ing mounting on any surface of the toolbars. Frelon ® Linear Bearing (8) Operational Features Mounting Note: The LPG Gripper should be mounted to a flat plate at least as wide and as long as the gripper end caps. All four bolt holes must be used to secure the unit and maintain end cap alignment. Covers are mounted on the side opposite the mounting surface. Mounting surface shields the bottom side of the rack and pinion. Sensors The LPG Gripper is available with a magnetic band on the piston and several types of magnetically operated tie rod mounted sensors. Reed switches and electronic sensors are offered in pre-wired and quick disconnect styles. Optional Dowel Holes for End Cap and Toolbar Mounting Surfaces Dowel hole & slot option provides conve- nient and precise mounting of LPG Gripper end caps as well as attachment of tooling to the toolbars. Adjustable Stops The stop (Figure 1) consists of a single threaded rod with flange and lock nuts at each end. When both toolbars are up front (TBF tooling style), a clamp bar is added to the inboard guide shafts at the rear to stop against the flange nuts. When a toolbar is mounted at both ends (TFR tooling style), the threaded rod is placed through a clearance hole in the center of the rear toolbar. Positioning toolbars front and rear allows large parts to be gripped and/or centered. Bumpers LPG Series Grippers are available with urethane bumpers for quieter operation. Bumpers must be used in conjunction with adjustable stops. A urethane washer is placed against each flange nut. Figure 1 10-20-10 Rod & Flange Nuts Frelon ® is a registered trademark of Pacific Bearing Co.