Page 21 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. The exciting parallel gripper for large parts, long strokes 10-20-10 How to Order Model LPG50 LPG75 Cyl Extend 99 lbs 310 lbs Cyl Retract 88 lbs 280 lbs Stroke (Min) 2" 4" Grip Force Per Jaw at 100 psi Gripper Sizing Guide Model Sensor Options EXAMPLE LPG50 – 8 – MH1 – V Standard Stroke Lengths 2" to 12" by 2" increments 4" to 12" by 2" increments 16" to 24" by 4" increments Bore 1-1/8" 2" Guide Shaft Diameter 1/2" 3/4" Sensor Codes (Use “S000” if NO Sensors are desired) Electronic sensors & magnetic reed switches are actuated by a magnetic band on the piston. Select a code for sensor type and indicate position in the box ( ). Example: J73 ■ E = Cylinder extend position only R = Cylinder retract position only B = Both extend & retract positions *M = 3 sensors include E, R, and a mid-position B Stroke Stop Options – J73B End Cap Mounting Style MH1 – Through Mounting Holes MH2 – Tapped Mounting Holes Tooling Style TBF – T oolbars B oth in F ront TFR – T oolbars F ront & R ear Toolbar Options B – Blank Toolbar (No mounting holes; no dowel holes) D – Toolbar Dowel Holes & Slots located on top and side mounting faces See dowel hole & slot configurations on page 22 & 23. Stop Options 00 – No stop options desired 01 – Threaded rod with extend & retract flange stop nuts U1 – Type 01 Stop Package with Urethane Bumpers Integral options Integral Options D – Dowel hole & slot in endcaps V – Viton seals – TBF – B – 00 *Note – Can be used for sensing parts presence Toolbar Options Electrical Characteristics 5-120 VDC/VAC, 0.5 Amp Max, 10 Watt Max, SPST N.O., 3.5 Voltage Drop Sourcing PNP 6-24 VDC, 0.50 Amp Max, 1.0 Voltage Drop Sinking NPN 6-24 VDC, 0.50 Amp Max, 1.0 Voltage Drop 9 Ft. Prewired J70 J72 J74 Quick Discon. w/5M cord set J71 J73 J75 Magnetic Piston & Clamp-On Sensors (“J”) Single sensor – 2" stroke minimum; Dual sensors – 4" stroke minimum. Sensor Type Reed Electronic Electronic LED Yes Yes Yes Magnetic Piston & Dovetail Style Sensors (“E” ) For 2" Stroke & longer on all models Electrical Characteristics 5-120 VDC/VAC, 0.03 Amp Max, 4 Watt Max, 2.0 Voltage Drop Sourcing PNP 6-24 VDC, 0.20 Amp Max, 0.5 Voltage Drop Sinking NPN 6-24 VDC, 0.20 Amp Max, 0.5 Voltage Drop 0-120 VDC/VAC, 0.5 Amp Max, 5 Watt Max, 0 Voltage Drop 9 Ft. Prewired E70 E72 E74 E76 Quick Discon. w/5M cord set E71 E73 E75 E77 Sensor Type Reed Electronic Electronic Reed LED Yes Yes Yes No Magnetic Piston Customer supplies the sensors and mounting clamps Includes Dovetail Mounting Rail; customer supplies sensors J800 E800 LPG'S Cantilevered Jaw Arrangement avoids interference In this application an LPG Gripper is attached to a pick and place mechanism. "L shaped" fingers attached to the gripper jaws are positioned over a product conveyor in an automated shipping system. As each product passes under the gripper, the "L-shaped" fingers stop it. The fingers then grasp the product by clamping on its island area on top. Next the product is lifted, carried over to the carton positioned on the adjacent shipping conveyor, and placed inside. Because the jaws must open perpendicular to the direction of conveyor travel, a conventional gripper (shown in blue) could not be used. It would interfere with the wall next to the carton conveyor. Only the LPG's cantilevered design permits the gripper jaws to be positioned as required without interference.