Page 3 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. “SPG”Series Parallel Grippers 10-22-10 Only Three Moving Parts Two jaw units are linked by a rocker arm that synchronizes jaw motion. The arm does not drive the jaws so wear is minimal. The shaft/pistons of each jaw pass freely thru enlarged holes in its mate. "C" in the photo indicates the opposing piston faces to which air pressure is applied for jaw closing. "O" targets the opposing "jaw open" faces. Four Cylinders in Each Block are connected by internal air passages to the "C" and "O" piston faces shown in the step 2 photo. Each cylinder incorporates permanently lubricated, high-performance linear bearings that provide clean, drip-proof operation and allow use of a non-lubricated air supply. Opening and closing forces are equal, allowing the grippers to be used for both OD & ID gripping. No Troublesome Gibs to Wear or Adjust. Four dowel pins align the porting block perfectly with the cylinder blocks. Eight high-performance linear bearings guide the four pistons through the entire length of the gripper body. Centering accuracy is maintained to .002" and side play is .0015" or less per jaw. Most applications can expect extended gripper life to 15 million cycles – and even more! (4) Add the other cylinder block and dowel the porting block on top (5) Apply this patented design to a wide range of sizes, strokes and grip forces. Then, offer all the convenient options that cannot be found on other grippers. Porting block Right hand cylinder block Tamper resistant cap screws Dowel Pins (4) are press-fit into porting block & mate with slip-fit holes in cylinder blocks Right hand jaw assembly Left hand jaw assembly O O O (2) Couple the mating internal parts Rocker Arm (3) Add one symmetrical cylinder block Heat treated, hardened, aluminum cylinder block houses 4 linear bearings Linear bearing Slip Fit Dowel Holes (4) 2 in each bearing block "Open" & "Close" air passages connect to a porting block C Integral Jaw/Guide Shaft/Piston Assem- bly A pair of ground, stainless steel guide shafts (which double as air pistons) are press fit and pinned to each gripper jaw. Jaws can be aluminum or steel. Shafts are placed diagonally and spaced far apart for maximum jaw stability. (1) Start with a pair of symmetrical jaws C Guide shaft (Piston) Pin Jaw Five steps to building the finest grippers available. . . Long Stroke Models High Force Models More Sensing Options