HHD Series Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

39 SPECIALS/Engineering Data Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. Tel: 352-373-3578; Fax 352-375-8024 • email: service@fabco-air.com SPRING CYLINDERS Spring cylinders have a spring built inside to extend, retract, or center the cylinder on its own or to assist pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. These cylinders are commonly used as clamp cylinders. Note that the addition of a spring can increase the length of a cylinder as much as 3 times or more. RAM CYLINDERS Ram cylinders are commonly known as displacement cylinders. Mainly used for long strokes where gravity or the weight of the load can retract the cylinder and are almost always mounted vertically. TELESCOPIC CYLINDERS Telescopic cylinders are commonly used in mobile equipment and machinery. The multiple “stages” of the cylinders allow applications to get long strokes with short retracted lengths and are available in single or double acting configurations. TANDEM CYLINDERS Tandem cylinders consist of two cylinders mounted inline together with one piston rod connecting both pistons together with one working rod end to gain increased output forces while having a compact design. DUPLEX CYLINDERS Duplex cylinders are sometimes known as three position cylinders. They consist of two cylinders mounted inline together without having the pistons connected together by one common piston rod. BACK TO BACK CYLINDERS Back to back cylinders consist of two cylinders mounted together on the cap or blind end. This lets both cylinders act separately from each other or together as in a double rod cylinder application. TYPES OF CYLINDERS 12-7-16