HHD Series Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

42 SPECIALS/Engineering Data Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. FABCO-AIR, Inc., 3716 N.E. 49th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32609 • www.fabco-air.com LDT MAGNETOSTRICTIVE LINEAR DISPLACEMENT TRANSDUCER FOR HIGH SHOCK AND VIBRATION APPLICATIONS. Standard LDT is lab tested and field proven to survive high shock and vibration. With tested results of 2,000 G's of shock and 30 G's of random vibration with no false signals or mechanical damage, it can survive in the most rugged and demanding applications. Sensing tube construction is welded stainless steel, suitable for 3000 PSI hydraulic cylinders. The electronics are enclosed inside an aluminum housing with o-ring seals for IP67 indoor applications. Type NEMA 6 rating and stainless steel housings and connectors are available as a special option. Consult factory for dimensional information about your specific application. 12-7-16