H-Series Cylinders

22 Please visit http://portal.fabco-air.com/con "gure.php for current pricing. JO 100 0 0.5 1.0 200 VOLTS AC or DC CURRENT A 0.19”REF TO CENTER OF LEADWIRE 0.60”REF 1.30” w i t h p o s i t i o n s e n s i n g s e n s o r s w i t c h e s a i r cy l i nder s Fabco double acting air cylinders, type D, DP, and BFD may be ordered with Option M, an internal magnet factory installed on the reversible piston, permitting use with posi- tion sensing switches. Cylinder models with Option M are interchangeable in length with other Fabco air cylinders, facilitating conversions of existing applications. 14., .PVOUJOH ,JU .PVOUT TFOTPS UP 'BCDP $ZMJOEFS Assembly instructions are included with shipment. CONTACT RATING POWER CURVE Curve Equation 300mW </= Voltage x current Curve Equation 50W >/= Voltage x current 12 0 25 300 30 VOLTS DC CURRENT mA Giant MagnetoResistance (GMR) Effect *OQVU 7PMUBHF UP 7%$ *OQVU $VSSFOU N" .BY 0VUQVU 7PMUBHF %SPQ 7 .BY 0VUQVU $VSSFOU N" .BY Reverse Input Voltage Protection 1PXFS %JTTJQBUJPO N8 .BY 5FNQFSBUVSF 3BOHF ¡' UP ¡' ¡$ UP ¡$ $POUBDUT 4145 'PSN " OPSNBMMZ PQFO $POUBDU 3BUJOH 8 .BY 7PMUBHF 3BUJOH 7%$ .BY 141 VAC Max. 4XJUDIJOH DVSSFOU " .BY *OJUJBM $POUBDU 3FTJTUBODF 0IN .BY .JOJNVN #SFBLEPXO 7PMUBHF 7%$ 275 VAC 5FNQFSBUVSF 3BOHF ¡' UP ¡' ¡$ UP ¡$ R = V/I Ohms ( > 5 Watts ) V = Switch Voltage ( Volts ) I = Switch Current Consumption x60% safety factor ( amps ) how to order RS4 - RS2 RS4 GMR1 Model -FBE -FOHUI - X .U 14., JO - X P .U Mount PSMK MFBE MFOHUI JODIFT TUBOEBSE MFBE MFOHUI JODIFT 0QUJPO - on/off reed TXJUDI X -&% BRN LOAD + BLK RS4 / RS4-L BLU basic on/off reed switch BRN LOAD + BLK NOCONNECTION RS2 / RS2-L BLU non-contact solid state switch POWER CURVE BRN + BLK R GMR1 / GMR1-L (PNP) BLU LOAD OPEN CLOSED SENSOR LED OFF ON GMR1 / GMR1-L (NPN) OPEN CLOSED SENSOR LED OFF ON BRN LOAD + BLK GMR1 / GMR1-L BLU Switches Price RS-2 Reed RS-2L Reed w/144” Lead RS-2-PSMK Reed w/Mounting RS-2L-PSMK Reed w/144” leads & Mtg RS-4 Reed - LED RS-4L Reed - LED w/144” Leads RS-4-PSMK Reed - LED w/Mtg RS-4L-PSMK Reed - LED w/144” Leads & Mtg GMR-1 Solid State GMR-1L Solid State w/144” Leads GMR-1-PSMK Solid State w/Mounting GMR-1L-PSMK Solid State w/144” leads &Mtg PSMK Sensor Switch Mounting Kit 1-9-17 RN LK L NO CONNECTION L L LO RN LK LU L LU BLK B N VOLTS AC VOLTS