H-Series Cylinders

24 Please visit http://portal.fabco-air.com/con "gure.php for current pricing. de l uxe rod ends DX01 DX07 DX04 DX10 DX13 DX02 DX08 DX05 DX11 DX14 DX03 DX09 DX06 DX12 DX15 Exclusive with Fabco Air Cylinders (except SH, SHP, and D2EY models), you may choose from 15 unique, custom rod-end design selections, and have Fabco tailor it to your exact requirements. The 15 themes are shown below, and address customizable features such as rod extension length, wrench flat position, male or female rod thread and rod thread length, plain rod end, rounded rod end, ring grooves, rod diameter reductions, and (cotter) pin holes. &BDI PG UIF EJGGFSFOU SPE FOE TFMFDUJPOT JODMVEFT B TQFDJmD TFU PG VTFS EFmOBCMF EJNFOTJPOT TFMFDUFE GSPN UIF %FMVYF 3PE End Workbook. Expect normal lead times and no minimum order quantities. A unique model number is assigned at the initial build cycle. That part number is permanently available for future orders of the same make. &YBNQMFT PG QBSU OVNCFST VUJMJ[JOH DPEFT CFMPX BSF 7-S-2 DX01-00039 and 5-S-1N DX12-00015. 6 - D P - 1 D X 0 5 - 0 0 1 4 5 % 9 T Q F D T D = 1 . 5 ” J = 1 0 - 3 2 UN F + - w F Y B NQ M F 1-9-17