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Page 13 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Precise position sensing Magnetically Actuated Sensors – Use with Option “E” 1-12-10 4.5 Reed Style 5.8 Electronic Style LED Indicator LED Indicator 13.0 to center of Sensing Area for Reed Style 7.0 to center of Sensing Area for Electronic Style 9 ft. 25 6 in. 8mm Male Quick Connect ø 3.8 Sensors fit flush or below the bearing block surface Two 4mm keyhole slots 3-pin, quick connect style sensor shown Round Profile Sensors feature surge su- pression, polarity protection, LED indicator, and extremely fast switching speeds. They slide into mating 4mm keyhole slots on the top face of the bearing block and are eas- ily positioned and locked in place with a set screw. They are offered in two styles: a quick connect style with a 6 inch pigtail and male connector, or a prewired style with a 9 foot lead. Female Cordsets are available in 1, 2, and 5 meter lengths. Specify Option E and order sensors and cordsets separately from the tables below. Sensor Dimensions (mm unless noted) Cordset Description 1 meter, 3-Pin 2 meters, 3-Pin 5 meters, 3-Pin Part No. CFC-1M CFC-2M CFC-5M 8mm Female Cordsets for Quick Connect Sensors 3 pin cordset shown with sensor pigtail Prewired sensor shown with 9 ft. lead Magnetic Sensors – Electrical Characteristics Part Numbers SensorType Reed Switch for PLC's w/LED (current limiting) Electronic LED and Sourcing Electronic LED and SInking Function SPST Normally Open PNP Normally Open NPN Normally Open Switching Speed 0.5 ms operate 0.1 ms release 1.5μs operate 0.5μs release 1.5μs operate 0.5μs release Switching Power 4 Watts max. 6 Watts max. 6 Watts max. Prewired 9 ft. Part No. 9C49-000-002 9C49-000-031 9C49-000-032 Quick Connect Part No. 9C49-000-302 Requires 3 pin cordset 9C49-000-331 Requires 3 pin cordset 9C49-000-332 Requires 3 pin cordset Switching Voltage 5-120V AC/DC 50/60 Hz 6-30 VDC 6-30 VDC Switching Current 0.04 Amp max 0.005 Amp min. 0.2 Amp max. 0.2 Amp max. Voltage Drop 2.5 Volts 1.5 Volts 1.5 Volts All sensors feature surge supression, polarity protection, LED indicator, and extremely fast switching speeds.