Linear Slides

Page 16 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations 1-12-10 “L” & “S” Series Linear Slides Engineering Data Magnetic Piston Band: Standard on all units (except 5/16" bore) for position sensing. Electronic sensors and reed switches are offered as accessories. End Caps: High strength, clear anodized aluminum alloy Cylinder Body: Type 304 Stainless Steel tubing Piston Rod Assembly: Ground & Polished Type 303 Stainless Steel Pre-lubricated: All cylinders are factory lubricated with special high endurance oil. Pre-Tested: The quality of each assembly is assured by testing each unit for leakage and binding resis- tance prior to shipment. “S” Series- pictured here “L” Series - photo on next page Basic Model Selection “S” Series (short) – single bearing block design, short overall length. (Photo this page) “L” Series (long) – double bearing block design, increased bearing support. (Photo on next page) Determine load capacity required and select a slide with appropriate guide shaft diameters and bearing block design. Use the convenient sizing guide at the right to determine safe loading and shaft deflections for various stroke lengths . Floating Coupler: Prevents cylinder rod binding ensuring higher cycle life. Front Toolbar Clear anodized aluminum, ma- chined top & front for squareness. Tapped mounting holes top & front are standard. Code – T1: Optional blank toolbar (no mounting holes) Codes –T5 & T6: Optional toolbars for joining dissimilar slides together for X-Y motion. Guide Shafts: Large diameter hard chrome plated stainless steel shafts act as the inner race for the precision Duralon ® sleeve bearings and provide a rigid attachment point for the toolba r. Buna-N U-Cup Rod & Piston Seals: U-Cup seals provide low breakaway friction and extended seal life. Standard seals are Buna-N; Viton seals are available for high temperatures. Shaft Bearings: High performance, self-lubricating, Duralon ® sleeve bearings provide smooth guided action for long life. Bearing Block: Clear anodized aluminum with precision machined mounting surfaces. Choice of Mounting Styles: Thru mounting holes (shown) –MH1 Bottom tapped mounting holes –MH2 Flange mount style (“S” only) –MF1 Side tapped mounting holes –MV1/MV2 Duralon ® is a registered trademark of Rexnord Corp. Air Cushions (see photos page 23): Available on all models except “250” and “375” sizes Model S250 L250 S375 L375 S500 L500 S750 L750 S1000 L1000 S1250 L1250 S3-1250 L3-1250 Guide Shaft Diameter 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/4" Bore 5/16" 9/16" 3/4" 1-1/16" 1-1/2" 2" 3" Power Factor Extend .07 .25 .44 .89 1.77 3.14 7.07 Power Factor Retract .06 .22 .39 .81 1.62 2.84 6.63 Weight, lbs. @ zero stroke .17 .19 .46 .57 1 .00 1.22 1.89 2.38 6.04 6.33 10.16 11.47 18.15 17.97 Add per inch of stroke .04 .07 .07 .13 .18 .25 .30 .54 .53 .96 .59 1.02 .71 1.14 Standard Strokes 1/2" to 2" by 1/2" 1/2" to 2" by 1/2" 1" to 4" by 1" 1" to 4" by 1" 3" & 4" 3" to 6" by 1" 6" to 12" by 2" 6" to 24" by 2" Pressure Rating: Maximum operating pressure is 150 psi Air Output Force: Output Force = Pressure X Power Factor Speed: Safe speed range is determined by a number of factors. The most important consideration is total reciprocating weight. High loads combined with high speeds can develop severe and damaging impact loads. For speeds over 10 inches per second use optional extend and retract bumper package and/or air cushions. Accuracy: The toolbar rod coupler design allows clearance for piston rod float to protect against binding. At full extension, the toolbar will exhibit a small amount of axial end play. The actual toolbar travel may vary slightly from nominal as a result. In applications requiring extreme accuracy, adjustable stop collars should be used in conjunction with a longer stroke length to eliminate the effect of end play. Running clearances are required between the sleeve bearings and guide shafts. The minimal resultant toolbar free play due to these running clearances is not included in the tabulated load limits (see table on next page).