Linear Slides

Page 28 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations – Order Guide “SE” Series Linear Slides Shock Absorbers Options For SE500 through SE1500 Slides Indicate desired option quantity/location in the box ( ) as follows: E = Extend position; R = Retract position; B = Option located in both extend and retract position. (Stop collars are shown for position only and must be specified separately if desired.) Step 3 Standard mounting brackets are available for Ace or Enidine. Stop collars are available for adjustablility of stroke. Step 3: Shock, Stop, & Bumper Options – AB – KE Standard Location Alternate Location Codes Codes A .............. Ace Shocks.................. D B .......... Enidine Shocks ............... E C ..... Brackets & Actuators only....... F (Customer supplies the shocks) Stop Collars for stroke adjustment. – KE = Extend only – KR = Retract only – KB = Extend & retract Use of “KR” reduces useable stroke length on SE250 & SE375. SE250 stroke loss = 3/16”; SE375 stroke loss = 1/8”. SE500, SE625, SE750 and SE1000 Slides Urethane Bumpers Bumpers not compatible with prox, snap-action, or air pilot switches. If sensors are desired use magnetically operated "J" or "E" Options. – UE = Extend only w/stop collars – UR = Retract only, no stop collars – UB = Both w/stop collars extend –UKR= Retract only with stop collars –UKB= Both with stop collars both Bumpers result in some stroke loss. See page 35 • for Dual Shocks Model SE1500 only: Insert "X" after code letter to denote Dual Shocks Example: "DXB" provides four shocks – 2 standard location extend shocks and 2 alternate location retract shocks SE1500 Slides Only Alternate Location Retract Shock Alternate Location Dual Retract Shock Dual Extend Shock Std. Location Dual Retract Shock Shock Dog Shock Dog Extend Shock Std. Location Retract Shock Stop Collar Std. Location Retract Shock Extend Shock Dog Extend Shock Std. Location Retract Shock Dog Stop Collar Alternate Location Retract Shock (For Base Mount, etc.) Extend Shock Dog Extend Shock Stop Collar UB = Both UR UE UKR UKR UKB = Both w/collars UE KB = Both KR KE KR KE Principle of Operation Generally, when two 4-way valves are used to actuate a 3-position slide, separate regulators supply each valve. A self-relieving regulator, upstream of the valve controlling the primary cylinder, is set at 20 to 40 psi lower than the secondary cylinder supply. 3-Position Tandem Cylinder Models Available on SE500, SE625, SE750, SE1000 and SE1500 Thin Parts Placers Standard transition plates are available for joining two SE Series slides to create extremely compact 2-axis motion devices. The bearing block of the vertical unit is bolted to the transition plate which is mounted to the toolbar of the horizontal unit. In cases where wider bearing separation is required on the horizontal unit (for longer strokes, heavier overhung loading, etc.), an EZ Series slide may also be combined with an SE Model. Order transition plates by part number shown in the chart below. Order slides and accessories separately. 9-15-08 ➚ ➚ Insert E, R or B in box Insert R or B in box TPL01 SE250 SE250 1.63 .63 .56 Trans. Plate P/N Horizontal Slide Vertical Slide "A" Dimension "B" Dimension "C" Dimension TPL02 SE375 SE250 1.63 .63 .56 Extend Bumpers or Stop Collars not compatible with -Jxx sensors on SE375