Linear Slides

Page 34 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations SE500 thru SE1000 Models “SE”Series Linear Slides 3.75 1.0-12 Threaded Shock 2.00 1.38 Extend Shock Actuator Retract Shock Actuator .50 4.63 4.63 Standard Retract Shock Position Alternate Retract Shock Position Extend Shock Position Dual Extend Shock Actuator This retract shock mounting bracket (shown in bold outline) is required only with applicable alternate location, dual shock options This shock mounting bracket is required only with applicable dual shock options SE1500 Model – Standard and Dual Shock Options Shock Absorber Options DUAL EXTEND SHOCK DUAL RETRACT SHOCK EXTEND SHOCK RETRACT SHOCK RETRACT SHOCK EXTEND SHOCK ALTERNATE RETRACT SHOCK (Stops on Guide Shaft) EXTEND SHOCK DOG EXTEND SHOCK Alternate Location – Codes (Insert R or B) D Ace Shocks E Enidine Shocks F Brackets & Actuators only Standard Location – Codes (Insert E, R or B) A Ace Shocks B Enidine Shocks C Brackets & Actuators only Standard Location – Option Codes (Insert E, R or B) Single Shock Dual Shocks A AX Ace Shocks B BX Enidine Shocks C CX Brackets & Actuators only Alternate Location – Option Codes (Insert R or B) Single Shock Dual Shocks D DX Ace Shocks E EX Enidine Shocks F FX Brackets & Actuators only 1-20-99 ALTERNATE DUAL RETRACT SHOCK ALTERNATE RETRACT SHOCK DUAL EXTEND SHOCK EXTEND SHOCK F 1.88 2.12 3.00 3.53 Model SE500 SE625 SE750 SE1000 B .75 .75 1.38 1.38 C 1.44 1.44 1.75 2.88 D 1/2-20 1/2-20 1.0-12 1.0-12 E .19 .19 .38 .38 A .62 .62 1.25 1.25 C "D" Threaded Shock A 1 4 B Extend Shock Actuator E F 3 4 2 Retract Shock Actuator Shock Mounting Block Extend shock mounting package 2 Standard retract shock mounting package Alternate retract shock mounting package Stop collars are compatible with all shock mounting packages. 4 3 1