Linear Slides

Page 35 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Shock Absorbers, Stops, Bumpers and Multi-Power ® Units Stop and Bumper Options 9-15-08 Stop Collars – SE250 thru SE1500 Models Bumpers – SE250 thru SE1500 Models Bumper options use of a combination of urethane washers and stop collars to create a cushioned stop. Bumpers are ideal for applications in which space limitations preclude use of hydraulic shock absorbers. Note: The Bumper Option is NOT compatible with standard proximity switch, snap action switch or air pilot options. Extend Bumpers or Stop Collars not compatible with -Jxx sensors on SE375 SE250 .28 1/8 Model T1 T2 SE375 .34 1/8 SE500 .41 1/8 SE750 .50 1/8 SE1000 .50 1/4 SE1500 .56 1/4 T2 Retract Bumper (1) Extend Bumpers (2) T1 Retract Stop Extend Stop Get Increased Thrust Without Increasing the Cylinder Bore Fabco-Air incorporates its famous Multi-Power ® cylinder on SE and EZ Series slide models to increase slide thrust. For example, a 2-stage Multi-Power ® cylinder on an SE750 Model increases thrust from 314 to 584 pounds at 100 psi supply pressure. The sketch at the right shows a cutaway view of a 3-stage Multi-Power ® slide which would effectively raise thrust to over 850 pounds at the same 100 psi supply! How it works The cylinder uses multiple pistons attached to a common shaft. Each piston is isolated within its own chamber by means of baffles integral with the outer cylinder wall. Unique internal porting allows air pressure to simultaneously energize all pistons – thus multiplying the slide's thrust. Contact the factory for applicable Multi-Power ® solutions for your high force requirements. Note: Adding additional stages does increase the overall cylinder length. Multi-Power ® “Hi-Thrust” Slides Note 1: Retract stop collars reduce useable stroke length on SE250 & SE375. SE250 stroke loss = 3/16". SE375 stroke loss = 1/8" Note 2: Bumper stroke losses all models. Code UE = 1/16"; Code UR = 1/8"; Code UB = 3/16" Note 3: Bumper stroke losses SE250 & SE375. Code UKR = 5/16" for SE250; Code UKR = 1/4" for SE375 NEW The cut-away view (left) illustrates the Multi-Power ® principle in a 3-stage slide. OAL Increases as stages are added Baffles Three pistons attached to a common shaft nearly triple the output force of a conventional cylinder ! Shown above is an SE1000, 4-stage Multi-Power ® slide capable of producing 1,830 pounds extend force at 100 psi supply pressure. A conventional cylinder would yield only 491 pounds of force at the same supply pressure.