Linear Slides

Page 37 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations 1-20-99 How to Order Summary Sensor Options Select Shock Ab- sorber, Bumper, and Adjustable Stop Options Step 2 Step 3 Choose Mounting Style & Toolbars Select Integral Options Other Options KE – Stop collars, extend KR – Stop collars retract KB – Stop collars both UE – Bumpers extend with stop collars UR – Bumpers retract only without stop collars UB – Bumpers both ends w/stop collars extend UKR – Bumper retract only with stop collars UKB – Bumpers both ends with stop collars both ends – CB – KE – S03B Integral Options D – Dowel Hole and Slot Specify Surface Location(s) 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 in box(es) H – Hydraulic Cylinder Seals V – Viton Cylinder Seals Bearing Options W – Rulon ® Sleeve Bearings X – Duralon ® Sleeve Bearings Guide Shaft Options Y – Hollow Guide Shafts Z – Stainless Steel Guide Shafts S – Grease fittings, Side T – Grease fittings, Top Shock Options Specify E, R, or B in box ( ). A – Ace Shocks B – Enidine Shocks C – Brackets and actuators only Alternate Location Specify R or B D – Ace Shocks E – Enidine Shocks F – Brackets and actuators only Dual Shock Options for Model SE1500 only Specify E, R, or B in box AX – Ace Shocks BX – Enidine Shocks CX – Brkts & actuators Alternate Location Specify R, or B in box DX – Ace Shocks EX – Enidine Shocks FX – Brkts & actuators Sensor Options S000 – Indicates NO SENSORS desired Note: Indicate sensor location in the box ( ). E= Extend, R=Retract, B=Both Extend & Retract , M=3 Sensors S01 thru S18 12mm Prox Switch w/Brackets & Actuators – Choose desired electrical characteristics – Choose pre-wired or quick disconnect with or without cord set S40 thru S42 Prox Switch Brackets & Actuators Only, no Switches. – Choose 12mm, 8mm, or 5mm S50 , S51 (E, R or B only) Snap Action Mechanical Switches – Choose pre-wired or with conduit fitting S60 (E, R or B only) Air Pilot Switch J70 thru J75 (Not available on SE250) Magnetic Piston and Clamp-on Sensors. – Choose reed or electronic (PNP or NPN) – Choose pre-wired or quick disconnect with cord set Single sensor – 1" stroke min. Dual sensors – 2" stroke min. J800 Magnetic Piston Only, No Sensors E70 thru E77 Magnetic Piston & Dovetail Style Sensors – Choose reed or electronic (PNP or NPN) – Choose pre-wired or quick disconnect with cord set. Requires 1" or longer stroke. Reed switches not avail- able on SE250 or SE375. E800 Magnetic Piston & Dovetail Mounting Rail (attached) only, no sensors. Requires 1" or longer stroke –MS1 T3 – VZS Mounting Styles MS1 = Standard Mounting Includes: • Tapped mounting holes • Thru mounting holes • Side tapped mounting holes MS1B1 = Base Mounting Bars (1 Pair) Toolbars – T1 = Blank Toolbar – T3 = Toolbar for Model SE500 to attach an SE500 or an EZ500 – T4 = Toolbar for Model SE1000 to attach an SE500, EZ500, SE750 or EZ750