Linear Slides

Page 38 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations 1-5-99 “EZ” Series Linear Slides Engineering Data Max Operating Pressure: 150 psi Output Force: Output Force in Pounds = Pressure x Power Factor Speed: Speeds up to 24 inches per second are obtainable by utilizing an optional stop package in conjunction with urethane bumpers or hydraulic shocks. Moderate reciprocating loads can be safely cycled up to 12 inches per second by utilizing an adjustable stop option without bumpers or shocks. Except for light loads and moderate speeds, operating EZ slides without an adjustable stop option is not recommended. Moderate to heavy loads should not be stopped by bottoming the piston against the end cap. Important note: Most linear slide failures are caused by severe, damaging impact loads (which act like a “slide hammer” on the piston rod). Proper slide model sizing, use of adjustable stops and/or shocks/bumpers, and operating the slide at the lowest possible air pressure will insure successful operation and long product life. Accuracy: EZ Series slides feature linear ball bearings for near play free operation. Each bearing has .0005" max “play” or less. The built-in air cylinder will stroke +.015" / –.000" of nominal stroke. Stroke repeatability is ±.001". Guide shaft straightness tolerance is .0015" per foot of shaft. Bearings in the “EZ” series slides are housed in the cylinder end caps. As the stroke increases, the pairs of bearings become spaced further apart, increasing bearing load capacity. Note: when comparing “EZ” charted Load #1 capacities to “SE” model/ stroke equivalents, ratings are identical because the limiting factor is the strength of the guideshaft to resist bending, not the linear ball bearing capacity. When sleeve type bearings (code “X” or “W”) are specified, the “EZ's” additional bearing separation can be a significant factor in improving bearing life and reducing toolbar “play” in Load #1 applications. Precision guide shafts Straightness .0015” per foot Standard case hardened (Rc 61 - 65) and ground (9 - 14 microinches RMS) Optional stainless steel Code – Z Precision linear ball bearings S tandard sealed ball bearings with full steel bearing shell. Optional sleeve-type, linear bearings Code – X: Duralon ® ; Code –W: Rulon ® Stainless steel piston rod – End of piston rod is piloted into the back of the toolbar by a precision machined counterbore. A socket head cap screw completes attachment to the toolbar. This design eliminates piston rod side loads, increasing cylinder seal life and improving performance. Cylinder Endcaps Clear anodized aluminum with precision machined mounting surface Choice of endcap mounting styles Code – MH1: Thru- hole mounting (shown) Code – MH2: Bottom tapped mounting hole Code – MF1/MF2/MF3: Flange mount styles Code – MV1/MV2: Side tapped hole mounting Unique design – Integral air cylinder with end caps that serve as rugged housings for the linear ball bearings. Cylinder stroke is nominal +.015” / –.000” with ± .001” repeatability. Optional Dowel Hole/Slot Code –D Optional slip fit dowel holes and slip fit dowel slots allow for repeatably precise slide mounting and/or attachment of end tooling. Option may be specified at any of the five surface locations (1 – 4, 6) listed here. #1 – MH1/MH2 end cap mounting surface (bottom mounting surface) #2 – Toolbar face #3 – Toolbar top #4 – MV1/MV2 end cap mounting surface (side mounting surface) #6 – MF1/MF2/MF3 end cap mounting surface (flange face) Model Guide Shaft Diameter Bore Power Factor Extend Power Factor Retract Weight, lbs. @ zero stroke Weight per inch of stroke Standard Strokes EZ250 EZ375 EZ500 EZ625 EZ750 EZ1000 EZ1500 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1" 1-1/2" 1/2" 3/4" 1-1/8" 1-1/8" 2" 2-1/2" 3-1/4" .20 .44 .99 .99 3.14 4.90 8.27 .17 .39 .88 .88 2.84 4.47 7.51 .46 1.10 2.40 3.35 8.31 19.10 53.30 .06 .18 .32 .44 .74 1.19 2.60 1/2" thru 4" 1" thru 6" 1" thru 10" 1" thru 10" 1"- 6" by 1" 1"- 6" by 1" 2" thru 30" by 1/2" incr. by 1" incr. by 1" incr. by 1" incr. 8"-18" by 2" 8"-20" by 2" by 2" incr. Front Toolbar Clear anodized aluminum, machined top & front for squareness. Tapped mounting holes (top & front) are standard. Optional slip fit dowel holes and slip fit dowel slots assure repeatably precise tooling attachments. Code – T1: Optional blank toolbar (no mtg holes) Codes –T3 or T4: Optional toolbars for joining dissimilar slides together. SE and EZ Series can be combined for 2-axis motion. Dowel Surface 3 Dowel Surface 2