Linear Slides

Page 41 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations ▼ Step 2 Please turn the page Continue on to step 2 if you want to add Sensing Options. Integral Options Mounting Style & Toolbars Building the Model Number in 3 Easy Steps Leave Blank If No Integral Options Are Desired ▼ Model Number Will End Here If No Options Are Desired Integral Option Codes D – Dowel Hole/Slot Code & Location(s) Available on any of the 5 mounting surfaces described on page 38. Example: D13 specifies dowel hole/slot on bottom surface of bearing blocks and on top surface of toolbar. H – Hydraulic Cylinder Seals (150 psi max.) V – Viton Cylinder Seals Bearing Options Sleeve Bearings can be substituted for standard linear ball bearings. W – Rulon ® Shaft Bearings X – Duralon ® Shaft Bearings Guide Shaft Options Y – Hollow Guide Shafts Case hardened & ground #52100 tubular steel available on EZ750 Models and larger. Z – Stainless Steel Guide Shafts: shaft material compatible with bearing type will be provided. Bearing Type Shaft Material Std. linear ball brgs. 440C hardened & ground SS Option "W" Rulon ® sleeve Hard chrome plated SS Option "X" Duralon ® sleeve Hard chrome plated SS 12-17-98 MH2 Tapped Mtg Holes MF1 Front Flange Mtg MF2 Rear Flange Mtg MF3 Front & Rear Flange Mtg MV1 Side Tapped Mtg Holes MH1 Thru Mtg Holes Endcap Mounting Styles MV2 Side Tapped w/Ports on Opp. Side Toolbar Configurations Optional toolbars, including blanks (with no holes), may be substituted for standard toolbars at no additional cost . All like models of EZ Series Slides (except EZ375 & EZ500) can be joined together for two-axis motion using standard toolbars. Toolbars with special mounting holes for joining dissimilar models are shown in the table at right. (Also see note 1) “EZ” Series Slides are also easily combined with the “SE” Series Slides. All EZ Series Slides except EZ250 share identical tooling mounting bars with their SE Series cousins. Toolbar Option Codes – T1 = Blank Toolbar (no mounting holes). For joining dissimilar models, specify one of the horizontal toolbars listed below: Horizontal Motion Vertical Motion – T2 for EZ375 EZ375 – T3 for EZ500 EZ500 or SE500 – T4 for EZ1000 EZ500, SE500, EZ750, or SE750 Note 1 – Using an “EZ” slide for the vertical motion is recommended only for light loads, short vertical strokes or slow horizontal speeds. For more severe applications, a special base plate should be attached to the endcaps of the vertical motion “EZ” slide. One end of this plate is “sandwiched” between face of horizontal motion's toolbar and the front endcap of the vertical motion “EZ” slide. Rear endcap is attached to plate's opposite end. To order: Add “Option Code” to Mounting Style. Example: EZ1000 – 10.0 – MH2 T4 ▼ – MV1B1T1 – VZX