Linear Slides

Page 43 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Prox Switches w/Brackets & Actuators Quick disconnect style “S02, S04, S06, S08” is furnished with 2M cordset. For “S12, S14, S16, S18” order straight or right angle cordset separately. Switch actuator has steel sensing flag Prewired style “S01, S03, S05,S07” 4 meter and 6 meter cord sets are also available. Consult factory. Option Code S12 S14 S16 S18 Straight Cordset P/N PCS01-2M PCS03-2M PCS05-2M PCS05-2M Female Cordsets w/2 Meter Leadwire for 12mm Proximity Switches Rt. Angle Cordset P/N PCS02-2M PCS04-2M PCS06-2M PCS06-2M ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ Continue on to step 3 if you want to add Tooling, Stop, or Shock Options. Building the Model Number in 3 Easy Steps 12-17-98 ▼ Clamp On Style Sensors “J70 – J75” Dovetail Style Sensors “E70 – E77” Adhesive backed, double dovetail rail bonds firmly to cylinder body; dovetail sensors slide and lock into mating slots in the rail. Sensor clamps mount on the cylinder tie rods