Linear Slides

Page 45 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations 1-20-99 ▼ Completing Step 3 of the Model Number Adjustable Stop Option Details The Step 3 chart on the opposite page indicates what stops are available for each tooling option. A tooling option must be selected before a stop option can be specified. Advantage: Quiet operation Note: Stopping accuracy is limited to approximately ±.025” because of the compressibility of the washer. Stroke repeatability within .001” Stop Bolt Stop Plate Flange Nuts Stroke repeatability within .001” ▼ STD. EXTEND SHOCK STD. RETRACT SHOCK LOCATION SHOCK DOG ATTACHED TO GUIDE SHAFT STD. EXTEND DUAL SHOCK STD. RETRACT DUAL SHOCK LOCATION PROX. SWITCH DOG DUAL PROX. BRACKET DUAL SNAP SWITCHES ALTERNATE RETRACT SHOCK LOCATION STD. EXTEND SHOCK STD. EXTEND DUAL SHOCK ALTERNATE RETRACT DUAL SHOCK LOCATION Note : EZ1500 models with Type “01” stop are available with a Dual Shock Option (2 extend and/or 2 retract shocks). Sensors S01 thru S60, when used with dual shocks are re-located. Both sensors are mounted to the front end cap. Alternate Shock Location (Recommended when using “BL, CS, PL, PS, or VB” Tooling) Standard Shock Location Code NO – Indicates no shocks Shock Option Details The Step 3 chart on the opposite page indicates what shocks are available for each tooling option. • Indicate shock quantity/location in the box ( ) as follows: E = Extend only; R = Retract only; B = Both ext. & retract. Some shock options do not require a tooling option (EZ375 models, or "retract shock only"). Fill in Tooling/Stop option position with zeros if shocks are desired without tooling ßoptions. Example: EZ375-6.0-MH1-S000-0000BB Code 00 – This code indicates no stops desired. Code 01 – Allows complete adjustment over the entire stroke length from full to zero stroke. Threaded rod (with two flange nuts serving as the stops) is fastened to cylinder endcap and passes thru a clearance hole in rear tooling. Code U1 – Reduces noise and provides an impact absorbing stop cushion. It is the same stop as Type “01” with a urethane washer slipped onto the threaded rod against the flange nut. Code 02 – Is a modification of Type “01” where a stop bolt is added for the extend stop. It positions both extend and retract adjustments next to each other at the back of the slide. Provides easier, more accessible adjustment in cases where a tool- ing option would cover the extend flange nut in a Type “01” stop. Code 03 – Can only be used with “BL”, “CS”, “PL”, “PS”, or “VB” tooling options. Uses stop bolts at each end. On applications where the front & rear tall blocks are fixed and the cylinder is a reciprocating carriage, this “03” option eliminates the threaded stop rod which otherwise would also be reciprocating and require special guarding. Urethane Washers Stop Plates Stop Bolt Stop Bolt Stroke repeatability within .001” ▼ ▼ General shock notes: 1) Shocks not available on EZ250 model. 2) Shocks not available on EZ375-MF3 3) 1/2” –20 thread shocks/brackets are used on EZ375, EZ500 & EZ625. 4) 1”–12 thread shocks/brackets are used on EZ750, EZ1000 & EZ1500. ➚ ➚ Standard Location Alternate Location AX ............Ace Shocks .................. DX BX ........Enidine Shocks ............... EX CX ...Brackets & Actuators only ....... FX (Customer supplies the shocks) Insert E, R or B in box ➚ ➚ ▼ Standard Location Alternate Location A .............Ace Shocks ..................... D B .........Enidine Shocks .................. E C .....Brackets & Actuators only .......... F (Customer supplies the shocks) Insert E, R or B in box