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Page 62 “EZP” Series Pick & Place Units Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Front Flange Mtg Holes Rear Flange Mtg Holes Front & Rear Flange Mtg Side Tapped Mtg Holes Side Tapped w/Ports on Opp. Side Thru Mtg Holes MH2 MF1 MF2 MF3 MV1 MV2 MH1 Endcap Mounting Styles Tapped Mtg Holes Ordering example: EZP7550 – 6 – 4H 2 – 1V – MH2 – S03M S03E – PLH02ABV03DB Sensor locations – use “ M ” in the Box ( ) if mid-position sensor is required (3 sensors). - Note: “ M ” (mid-position) is not available with “S50, S51, S60” sensors. All sensors are located on the primary cylinder, which also contains the magnetic piston band for “E” & “J” options. Mid-position “ M ” prox sensor is not available on vertical motion of EZP5025 models with prox options (consider using “E” or “J” style sensors if mid-position sensing is required. Port Locations: Top ports are standard on the horizontal motion on all tandem models. The horizontal motion of the EZP5025 Pick & Place is available with a top and bottom port combination as a “special” order at no additional charge. Consult factory. Optional “B1” Mounting Bars For use with MV1 or MV2 Mounting style 3-Position Tandem Cylinder Pick & Place Units To Order with EZP Unit: Add “B1” to mounting style of horizontal motion. Example: EZP7550 – 5H 2V – MV1 B1 (Tandem cylinder NOT available on vertical motion of EZP5025) Note: See pages 28 & 29 for principle of operation Vertical Motion Horizontal Motion Secondary Cyl. Stroke Secondary Cyl. Stroke Primary Cyl. Stroke Primary Cyl. Stroke Vertical Motion Sensors Horizontal Motion Sensors ▼ EZP7550 – 5H 2V ( ) – MH2 OPTIONAL TANDEM CYLINDER STROKE Step 1: Basic Pick & Place Model Horiz. Stroke Vert. Stroke Mounting Style Select a pick-and-place model size, horizontal & vertical stroke lengths, horizontal endcap mounting style, plus any optional toolbar, mounting bar (B1) or integral option (such as Viton seals, etc.) Helpful hint: The first two digits in the part number = the guide shaft diameter of the horizontal motion to two places; the second pair = the guide shaft diameter of the vertical motion to two places. Step 1 Model 1-26-99 Model EZP5025 EZP7550 Motion Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Guide Shaft Diameter 1/2” 1/4” 3/4” 1/2” Bore 1-1/8” 1-1/8” 2” 1-1/8” Standard Stroke Length 1” to 10” by 1” increments 1” to 5” by 1” increments 1” to 6” by 1” increments 8” to 18” by 2” increments 1” to 10” by 1” increments – Order Guide