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Page 67 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations ▼ Code N0 – Indicates no shocks ▼ Code 03 – For use with “BL” or “PL” tooling options on Model EZP7550. Code 00 – This code indicates no stops desired. Completed model number EZP7550–5H2V–MH2T20–V–SO3BS03E–RCH02ABV02CE V = Viton seals SO3BS03E = 12mm prox switches 24 VDC, 2-wire 6 ft. prewired leads. Horiz. motion = extend & retract positions. Vert. motion = extend only. RC = Rear clampbar on horiz.& vert. motion EZP7550 = EZP7550 P&P model 5H = Horizontal stroke 2V = Vertical stroke MH2 = Tapped mounting holes Horizontal motion T20 = Toolbar for SPG200 H02 = Horizontal stop package AB = Ace shocks, standard location (horizontal motion, extend & retract) V02 = Vertical stop package CE = Shock brackets only, standard location (vertical motion, extend only) Standard Shock Location Horizontal motion view Stroke repeatability within .001” Stroke repeatability within .001” Advantage: Quiet operation Note: Stopping accuracy is limited to approximately ± .025” because of the compressibility of the urethane washer. Stroke repeatability within .001” Vertical motion view EZP5025 Vertical motion view EZP7550 Code V04 – Stop bolt at one end – Downstop only. For use with EZP5025 verti- cal motion only. Code 01 – Allows complete adjustment over the entire stroke length from full to zero stroke. Threaded rod (with two flange nuts serving as the stops) is fastened to cylinder endcap. Flange nuts provide the adjustments. Code 02 – Is a modification of Type “01” where a stop bolt is added for the extend stop. It positions both extend and retract adjustments next to each other at the back of the motion. Provides easier, more accessible adjustment in cases where a “PL” or “BL” tooling option would cover the extend flange nut in a Type “01” stop. Code U1 – Reduces noise and provides an impact absorbing stop cushion. It is the same stop as Type “01” with a urethane washer slipped onto the threaded rod against the flange nut . General shock notes: 1) EZP5025 uses 1/2”–20 thread shocks/brackets on horizontal and vertical motions. 2) EZP7550 uses 1/2” –20 thread shocks/brackets on vertical motion, and 1”–12 thread on horizontal motion. 3) EZP5025 vertical motion shock op- tion is only available with 2” or longer vertical strokes. ▼ ▼ ➚ ➚ Alternate Shock Location for Vertical Motion of EZP7550 Recommended when using “BL” or “PL” Tooling Completing Step 3 of the Model Number Continued 1-26-99 Adjustable Stop Option Details The Step 3 chart on the opposite page indicates what stops are available for each tooling option. Indicate H or V in the box ( ) . Standard Location Alternate Location A .............Ace Shocks ..................... D B .........Enidine Shocks .................. E C .....Brackets & Actuators only .......... F (Customer supplies the shocks) Insert E, R or B in box Shock Option Details The Step 3 chart on the opposite page indicates what shocks are available for each tooling option. Indicate shock quantity/location in the box ( ) as follows: E = Extend only; R = Retract only; B = Both extend and retract.