Linear Slides

Page 74 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations “TS” Series Linear Slides Step 1 Integral Options Select a model size with guide shaft diameters required by loading/deflection considerations – or with cylinder bore/ thrust requirements. Determine stroke and mounting required. Select built-in cylinder options: Air Cushions, Tapped Guide Shafts, Stop Plates, Metallic or Urethane Scrapers. Helpful hint: Model number indicates cylinder bore size in 2 place decimals. Example: the TS112 cylinder bore is 1.12". Model Size 112 150 200 250 325 400 Guide Shaft Diameter 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1" Standard Strokes in 1” Increments 1" to 10" 1" to 12" 1" to 15" 1" to 20" 1" to 20" 1" to 20" Bore 1-1/8" 1-1/2" 2" 2-1/2" 3-1/4" 4" Mounting Style & Port Locations Leave Blank If No Integral Op- tions Are Desired Model Number Will End Here If No Options Are Desired Stroke Model Size Step 1: Basic Slide Model T S 2 0 0 – 12 – MH2 –D –V –TGSB Right Hand End Left Hand End Left Hand End Right Hand End MV1 Vertical Shafts, Side Ports on Center – Opposite Sides MV2 Vertical Shafts, Side Ports on Center – Same Side MH2 Horizontal Shafts, Side Ports High & Low – Same Side Rod Scrapers, Metallic Code MS Rod Scrapers, Urethane Code US see page 80 MH1 Horizontal Shafts, Side Ports High – Opposite Sides Use 2-digit number to specify length as a number of 1/8" increments. Not available for TS112 or TS150 Max. Cushion Lengths Example : For a TS250 with 1" cushions at both ends, the cushion code is – CB08 1-20-99 “B2” Mounting Bars For Use With Side Prox- imity Switch Option and MV or MH Mounting. (B2 not required, and therefore not available, on TS400 models.) Optional Attachments Prox Switch “B1” Mounting Bars for MV or MH Mounting Tapped Guide Shafts Code TGS Not available with Option “Z” TS200: 1-5/8" (13 eighths) TS250: 2" (16 eighths) TS325: 2-1/4" (18 eighths) TS400: 3" (24 eighths) To Order with Slide: Add “B1” or “B2” to mounting style. Example: TS250 – 12 – MH1 B2 “B1” Bars “B2” Bars Series – Order Guide Integral Option Codes Use “dashes” to separate D – Dowel Hole/Slot in Mounting Surface V – Viton Cylinder Seals Z – Stainless Guide Shafts, 440C hardened, ground Bearing Options Sleeve Bearings can be substituted for the standard linear ball bearings. W – Rulon ® Shaft Bearings X – Duralon ® Shaft Bearings For the options shown below, indicate the desired location in the box ( ) as follows: L = Left hand end only; R = Right hand end only; B = Both ends MF1 / MF2 Flange Mount Ports on Center MF1 – thru holes MF2 – tapped holes MH4 Horizontal Shafts, Bottom Ports on Center MH3 Horizontal Shafts, Top Ports on Center MV4 Vertical Shafts, Bottom Ports – Staggered MV3 Vertical Shafts, Top Ports – Staggered ▼ ▼ ▼ Mounting Style & Port Locations Stop Plate Code SP required for use with stop bolt unless one of the prox options S01 – S42 is used. Air Cushions Code C + cushion length