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Page 75 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Step 2: Sensing Options – S03TB (5 Digits) – Use S0000 if no Sensing Op- tions Are Desired ) Model Number Ends Here If No Bolt-on Options Are Desired Building the Model Number in 3 Easy Steps Determine the type of position sensing needed. Choices include proximity switches, or magnetically operated electronic sensors and reed switches. Available complete with sensors – or mounting brackets only if you are furnishing the sensors. Step 2 8-25-08 ▼ Model number ends here if no Bolt-on Options are desired. Continue on to Step #3 if you need any of these options. Magnetically Actuated Sensors Magnetic Piston & Dovetail Style Sensors (“E” ) Electrical Characteristics 5-120 VDC/VAC, 0.03 Amp Max, 4 Watt Max, 2.0 Voltage Drop Sourcing PNP 6-24 VDC, 0.20 Amp Max, 0.5 Voltage Drop Sinking NPN 6-24 VDC, 0.20 Amp Max, 0.5 Voltage Drop 0-120 VDC/VAC, 0.5 Amp Max, 5 Watt Max, 0 Voltage Drop 9 Ft. Prewired E70 E72 E74 E76 Quick Disconnect w/5M cord set E71 E73 E75 E77 Sensor Type Reed Electronic Electronic Reed LED Yes Yes Yes No Electrical Characteristics 5-120 VDC/VAC, 0.5 Amp Max, 10 Watt Max, SPST N.O., 3.5 Voltage Drop Sourcing PNP 6-24 VDC, 0.50 Amp Max, 1.0 Voltage Drop Sinking NPN 6-24 VDC, 0.50 Amp Max, 1.0 Voltage Drop 9 Ft. Prewired J70 J72 J74 Quick Disconnect w/5M cord set J71 J73 J75 Sensor Type Reed Electronic Electronic LED Yes Yes Yes Thread Size 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm Electrical Characteristics 110v AC, 2-wire, w/LED 24v DC, 2-wire, w/LED (NPN/PNP) 24v DC, 3-wire, w/LED (PNP) Sourcing 24v DC, 3-wire, w/LED (NPN) Sinking Proximity Switch Brackets & Actuators Only Customer supplies the switches Customer supplies the switches Customer supplies the switches 12mm 8mm 5mm Proximity Switch w/Brackets & Actuators Quick Disconnect w/2 M cord set S02 S04 S06 S08 Prewired w/ 6' Leadwire S01 S03 S05 S07 S40 S41 S42 Quick Disconnect without cord set S12 S14 S16 S18 Proximity Switches w/Brackets & Actuators LH End RH End Top Prox Location Side Prox Locations Slide Mtg. Surface Magnetic Piston ; customer supplies the sensors Magnetic piston only. Includes dovetail mounting rail; Specify location 1, 2, 3 or 4 in box ( ) J8000 E80 0 ▼ Electronic sensors & reed switches are available as a package complete with magnetic piston. Sensors J70 thru J75 are tie rod mounted; Sensors E70 thru E77 are dovetail style and mounted in a rail on the cylinder body. The two boxes ( ) indicate location & quantity . First box indicates attachment surface: 1, 2, 3 or 4 . In the 2nd box, L = left end, R = right end, B = both ends. Example: J703R has one top-mounted sensor on the right end. Slide Mtg. Surface LH End RH End Attachment Surface(s) 1 4 3 2 For “S12, S14, S16, S18” order straight or right angle cord set separately. Option Code S12 S14 S16 S18 Straight Cordset P/N PCS01-2M PCS03-2M PCS05-2M PCS05-2M Female Cordsets w/2 Meter Leadwire for 12mm Proximity Switches Rt. Angle Cordset P/N PCS02-2M PCS04-2M PCS06-2M PCS06-2M 4 meter and 6 meter cord sets are also available. Consult factory. Spring loaded actuator plate 12mm pre-wired prox switch Spring loaded actuator plate Prox Switches w/Brackets & Actuators Prox bracket Prox switch requires a tooling option with stop bolt (or customer tooling) to drive the switch actuator plate Magnetic Piston & Clamp-On Sensors (“J”) Dovetail Style Sensors “E70 – E77” Adhesive backed, double dovetail rail bonds firmly to cylinder body; dovetail sensors slide and lock into mating slots in the rail. Clamp On Style Sensors “J70 – J75” Sensor clamps mount on the cylinder tie rods Code followed by switch location in 1st box ( ): T = top surface; S = side surface, and quantity in 2nd box ( ): L = left end only; R = right end only; B = both ends. Prox switches are available complete with 12mm switches and actuators (SO1 thru S18), or brackets & actuators only (S40 - S42). All mounting styles have top & side prox locations available except MH3 & MV3 have side locations only. Side mounted switches have both switches on the same side except MH1 & MV1 which have switches located on opposite sides.