Linear Slides

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Page 8 Factor 5 – Quick Reference Guide to Slide Selection Each Fabco-Air slide series is shown here for size and layout comparison. For size comparison, drawings are to scale, showing 4" stroke slides with 1/2" diameter guide shafts. FABCO-AIR Linear Slides “TS” Series (Linear ball bearings*) Very compact. It is the only linear ball bearing slide available that is “built into” the air cylinder. “EZ” Series (Linear ball bearings*) Rugged slide with guide shafts either side of integral air cylinder. The bearings are spaced further apart as stroke increases, providing exceptional bearing support. “L & S” Series (Sleeve bearings) An inexpensive series using non-repairable air cylinders. The “L” Series is similar to the “EZ” Series while the “S” Series is similar to the “SE”. Note: Sleeve bearings need clearance to operate. Therefore some toolbar play exists. “L” & “S” slides are not intended for ultra- precision applications. “SE” Series (Linear ball bearings*) A shortened version of the “EZ” Series to save length. Cylinder is built into the bearing block which houses four linear ball bearings. “GB” Series (sleeve bearings) Air cylinder is machined into bearing block. Standard features include bottom, side & rear mounting holes, top & side ports. Toolbar with top, front, and bottom mounting holes. GB500-4 S500-4.0-MH1 L500-4.0-MH1 SE500-4.0-MS1 EZ500-4.0-MH1 TS200-4.0-MV2 Reasons to select: Rugged block slide, featuring replaceable Duralon ® bearings, repairable built-in cylinder, interchange- able bolt pattern. Dual port locations, multiple mounting surfaces. Four inch stroke or less. Reasons to select: Used for applications where the extreme precision of a linear ball bearing slide is not required. “S” Series – Shorter than “L”, but less capacity and more “play”. “L” Series – high load capacity. Less “play” than “S” because bearings are further apart. Reasons to select: Wide spacing of guide shafts to resist torsional load. Good load capacity. Provides “no-play” precision motion. Widest choice of tooling, stop, and shock options. Reasons to select: Shorter than “EZ”. Good load capacity. Wide spacing of guide shafts to resist torsional load. Linear ball bearings at each end of bearing block provide “no-play” precision motion. Reasons to select: Used where space is limited. High load capacity. Linear ball bearings at each end of cylinder pro- vide “no-play” precision motion. Many tooling options available. *Note: Linear ball bearing slides are also available with sleeve bearings as substitutions 1-12-10