Linear Slides

Page 9 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations 1-12-10 – Engineering Considerations for Product Selection Introducing the universal sensor system Now, one magnetically operated electronic sensor* can be used across the board on all pneumatic elements of your equipment design projects – on every cylinder, every linear slide, every gripper, and every press requirement. This dovetail style sensor can be installed into integral dovetail slots on Fabco-Air Pancake ® and Square 1 ® cylinder prod- ucts, plus “GB” series slides and Global Series™ air cylinders equipped with magnetic pistons. The same sensor can be speci- fied on Fabco-Air “SPG” series parallel grippers and the square or round body angular grippers. By utilizing Fabco-Air's new and unique “double dovetail slot extruded aluminum rail”, shown in the photo (right), these same sensors can be used on “L & S”, “SE”, “EZ”, “EZP”, and “TS” series slide products by simply specifying a sensor option code in the catalog number. The extruded rail and dovetail sensors can also be purchased separately and installed on nearly any tube and tie-rod or “non-repair“ type cylinder equipped with magnetic piston band. How it works An extruded aluminum rail with two side-by-side dovetail slots is attached to the cylinder body with a special adhesive- backed foam tape. The sensor inserts into one of the dovetail slots, is positioned as desired, and locked in place with a set screw. New Attachment Method for Dovetail Style Sensors Dovetail rail Reed switch Typical installation The photo above shows an “SE” series linear slide with rail attachment and two sensors. Installation is quick and easy, and can be removed and remounted by simply peeling off and installing new tape. High-performance tape was originally developed for automotive trim parts, and provides a reliable attachment method with the convenience of “peel and stick” type tape. Sensor adjustment is accomplished by simply sliding switch to Dovetail rail Double rail design allows side by side placement of the sensors to accommodate even the shortest stroke cylinders. This compact and easy to install sensor mounting system is now available on the following Fabco-Air linear slide series: “L & S”, “SE”, “EZ“, ”EZP” and “TS”. proper position and locking the set screw at the wire exit end of the switch (photo above right). To order the rail separately. . . Use catalog number “ER – (length in inches)”. Example: ER–12.06 (overall length = 12 1/16") Rail is provided complete with adhesive foam tape. To install, peel tape backing and apply to cylinder tube. To order sensors for “ER” extruded rail, see page 13 of this catalog. * Note: Reed switch also available on most series.